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posted by m80MoNST3R (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Sep 20, 2011

Member since Mar 2009

2 out of 12 gamers (17%) found this review helpful

This game is amazingly awesome everything is so cool. If I could I would give it a 12 not a 10

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Best Third Person Shooter of this decade

posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Sep 19, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Apr 2010

64 out of 87 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

Gears of War has become a milestone in video games, when you see a game nowadays use a cover system, an active reload or "hold A to run" scheme, you think "Hey this came from Gears!", but hey give 'em credit, they're using the best mechanics a third person shooter can offer. Gears of War 3 takes place a few years after 2, without spoiling much, ill tell you this, DOM HAS A BEARD...i've said too much i know. The story itself is really good, while corny at times, does answer alot of questions we Gears fans wanted answered.

The gameplay is alot better this time around, getting in cover is smooth instead of feeling like a Lego block snapped on another block, they've added a slight ADS(aim down sight) mechanic with some of the guns, now don't go "HEY THIS IS FROM CoD!" because its activated by clicking the right stick AFTER you do the normal zoom style of aiming.

Multiplayer is back and isn't laggy, YAY! Instead of the normal hope for a host in your area code, you can take a sigh of relief because theres DEDICATED SERVERS! In other words you die cause you ran into someone that is better. Horde 2.0 is a revamped wave based mode that feels more like a Tower Defense game, which is awesome. You got boss waves every 10 waves through and you got turrets, fences, and a (SPOILER ALERT) Mech suit that you use to fight the locust. Beast mode is a new addition which pits you AS the locust fighting against the Cogs, and the rumors are true...tickers are fun to play as!

Alright now here's my verdict:

-Campaign, a good, resolved and corny story combined with the good ol' gears action make it a perfect trilogy closer.
-Graphics, Epic has done it again, Unreal Engine 3 looks amazing with backgrounds and sets that will blow you away.
-Multiplayer, Dedicated Servers = No lag = Win.
-Beast and Horde mode will keep you playing for months...or years.
The MEH:
-Beast mode has no single player, sorry guys.

The BAD:
-The fact that i'm not playing! Now stop reading and go play.

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You will not be disappointed!!!

posted by Courage220 (EL PASO, TX) Sep 19, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

5 out of 20 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

Okay , let me start off this review by saying: This is an amazing game. From the Gore to the storyline, you will come to love it whether you are a hardcore rpg gamer, FPS shooter.

I'll keep this simple and put it into Pros / Cons.

- Beautiful Graphics
- Gripping Storyline
- Amazing Gameplay / Controls
- You will never get tired/bOred of playing this Game
- Just overall AMAZING!!!!!!!
- Multiplayer will have you sitting on your butt for Hours on hours, Stock up on your GamerGrub!!

Cons: Not one Can think of so far!

My opinion is this is a GREAT game, And i've only had it for about 4-5 Hours. But if you're still not convinced, A rent won't hurt ;) Epic Studios will not disappoint!!!

(Gears fan since 06')

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