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Cowboy Mode

You have to do this trick in Act 1, Chapter 3 "Rolling Thunder" on Insane difficulty. At the start, before the cutscene, there are 3 cowboy hats in the area. Take out your pistol and shoot them. Skip the dialog by pressing the Back button. The first hat is on the side of the building behind and to the right of the rig. The second hat is between the front and back wheels of a tank to the left of the rig. The third had is behind the second large gas tank, next to the tank with the previous hat. If you shoot all three, all characters will be wearing cowboy hats, and you'll see characters (and even some enemies) wearing hats in cutscenes later in the game.

Anthony Carmine

Successfully complete Act 1 in the original Gears Of War.

Dizzy Wallin

Successfully complete Act 1 in Single Player mode.

Flame Grenadier

Successfully complete Act 4 in Single Player mode.


Successfully complete Act 2 in Single Player mode.

Lt. Minh Young Kim

Find 10 COG tags in the original Gears Of War.


Defeat RAAM in the original Gears Of War.


Successfully complete Act 5 in Single Player mode.

Tai Kaliso

Successfully complete Act 3 in Single Player mode.

Insane difficulty

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Insane difficulty.

Marcus Gamer Pic

Clear the campaign on Insane to unlock a special gamer pic of Marcus.

Marcus and Dom Gamerpic

Earn the Friends with Benefits achievement (Complete all acts in Co-op on any difficulty) to unlock a gamerpic of Marcus and Dom.