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Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

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Also on:PS2
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1343 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

Directional Pad Special Moves
Left Thumbstick Move
Right Thumbstick Dodge. Dash. Camera Views (Click).
A Button Slash
B Button Projectile
X Button Hack
Y Button Launch
Black Button Mana Blast
Left Trigger Block
Right Trigger Interact
Start Pause Menu

Directional Pad Up = Queen's Defense. Down = Northern Star. Left = Island Storm. Right = Northern Slash.
A Button Chop. Slash. Double Chop (Double-Tap). Double Slash (Double-Tap). Queen's Retaliation (Triple-Tap). Soul Harvest Triple-Tap). Triple-Slash (Triple-Tap). Cloud Wind (Quintuple-Tap).
X Button Dissever (Quadruple-Tap)
Y Button Wing Swipe.
Left Trigger Falcon's Launch (+ Y). Grasscutter (+ A). Nosebreaker (+ A).

Directional Pad Up = One Hundred Cuts. Down = Great One Toss. Left = Light of the Underworld. Right = Continental Assault.
A Button Provoke. Dismissal Strike (Double-Tap). Lion's Claw (Triple Tap).
X Button Prod. Double Prod (Double-Tap). Lunge (Triple-Tap).
Y Button Guard Smash
Left Trigger Backhand (+ Y). Knee Smash (+ X). Toe Touch (+ A).
Combo #1 X, A = Blinding Thrust
Combo #2 A, X = Chisel
Combo #3 A, A, Y = Desert Circle
Combo #4 A, A, X = Double Crescent
Combo #5 X, X, Y = Falcon Pact
Combo #6 X, X, A = Serpent's Thrashing

Directional Pad Up = Menhir Eruption. Down = Binding Stone. Left = Galactic Spiral. Right = Path of Stars.
A Button Path of Sky. Path of Moon (Double-Tap).
X Button Quarter Moon. Waxing Moon (Double-Tap). Half Moon (Triple-Tap).
Y Button Tidal Push
Left Trigger Shadow Dive (+ A). Two Tides (+ X).
Combo #1 A, X = Moon Circle
Combo #2 X, X, A = Soul Menhir
Combo #3 A, A, X = Stellar Beacons
Combo #4 X, A = Stellar Repulsion
Combo #5 X, X, Y = Tidal Pull

Directional Pad Up = Isle Defense. Down = Stonesplitter. Right = Vortex. Left = Oathbreaker's Might.
A Button Tree Cutter. Backslash (Double-Tap). Isle Bite (Triple-Tap).
X Button Wedge. Double Wedge (Double-Tap). Triple Wedge (Triple-Tap).
Y Button Isle's Flight
Left Trigger Elbow Drive (+ X). Noble Vault (+ Y). Soldier's Mercy (+ A).
Combo #1 X, A = Hand of the Heavens
Combo #2 X, X, A = Isle Reaver
Combo #3 Y, X = Reign of Blades
Combo #4 A, X = Soul Reaper