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Fan Service +

posted by Rockstarzn (SANTA BARBARA, CA) Jun 8, 2012

Member since Aug 2007

This game provides a surprisingly compelling narrative that parralels and overlaps segments of the story presented in the books (A Song of Ice and Fire) and the HBO Series. If you are a fan of RPGs AND Game of Thrones, it's definitely worth your time. It takes a bit to get going, but when it does the ride is enjoyable.

The character sheets and loot are surprisingly fleshed out, but not on par with other games in this genre.

The combat mechanics are reasonably deep, though very much in the mold of Dragon Age II, but only on the highest difficulty. Unfortunately, even on the highest difficulty level the challenge is uneven (Save often). Using the right weapon for the enemy you are facing is important too (the game explains this, take note).

Your choices in the game to carry weight and consequences, though not on the same scale as say the Witcher series. The side quests also felt organic and made sense within the world you were navigating.

All that being said, this is a very linear RPG, while you have some freedom to visit different areas, they are limited and there is little to no incentive to do so. Character models are shamelessly used and re-used. It is also fairly easy to top out your characters towards the end of the game so picking skills / perks is fairly meaningless as you get to the end game.

Still, enjoyed this game quite a bit as a fan and as a gamer.

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GF Rating


Game Of Thrones

posted by AaronPhillips (MANASSAS, VA) Jun 6, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I must start off by saying that more time should be put into any game that is based off an HBO orginal series. Honestly I didn't play the game for longer than an hour. Once I realized that you have to chose your action from a list and then wait for a meter to charge before the action could be performed I ejected the disc and put it right back in the mail. I"m sorry but once I get a game from gamefly that actually raises an eyebrow I'll write a much more in depth and read-worthy review. But as for this game two thumbs down with my tounge out

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Loved the concept horrible execution

posted by heerobill (BOYNTON BEACH, FL) Jun 5, 2012

Member since May 2011

I had read mixed reviews on this game and had thought it couldn't be as bad as everyone says and I was right...this was worse. Interesting storyline couldn't save this sinking ship. The opening narration by the unic gave me high hopes but once you becan to move around and control your character the flaws came pouring out. The first tutorial combat sequence was horrific, you have three attack spots and you fill them with base attacks and special abilities unfortunately once you issue an order it takes several seconds to follow through, being an avid gamers I don't like waiting for my attack to work. Could have been a promising game but we will never know. If your looking for a good rpg try dragons dogma I guarantee you won't be disappointed. GOT couldbe your cup of tea but as a fps addict I need the instant gratification of owning some random creature with a flurry of dagger strike. All in all 2/10 though it could be my wife kept asking where John snow was for the first half hour.

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