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posted by big117 (BELVIDERE, IL) Jun 13, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

it wasn't the best game but it wasn't so bad kinda reminded me of a lower budget dragon age with wonky combat control's not worth a buy but not a bad rent

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Great story, bad game

posted by 25DonkRd (ATLANTA, GA) Jun 12, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

Gameplay: 3- Cheap combat, moves dont look good.
Story: 10-typical G.R.R Martin fare meaning excellent, one of the best ever.
Sound: 7-voice acting good for the most part also some music from the t.v show. the fighting doesnt sound visceral enough, which is needed in a Game of Thrones game because of the emphasis on realism.
Graphics: 4- looks like a good xbox game, and bad 360 one
World: 6- cool to get armor of characters from the books and show a really nice touch, and also to go places from the book but the lack of any sort of exploration holds it back from being really good
Replay Value: 9-interesting to see different outcomes wouldnt replay the game for it though just because the game is so bad
Overall- I wouldn't play this game unless you are a fan of the book or show as it feels as if it should have been made 5 years in some cases and even lacks some of the things that make rpgs great (exploration and discovering things) even five years ago. But if you can deal with how bad this game is and just focus on how good the story is, truly one of the best that has been written for videogames maybe ever, than you can enjoy this game. You will just have to deal with bad combat and bad graphics.

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Better than expected

posted by thespike (JOLIET, IL) Jun 11, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

After reading internet reviews about this, I was pretty disappointed but I still wanted to play it because I'm a fan of the show/book. Glad to say it was much better than most of the reviews made it seem. Also the game was in development BEFORE the show so it's based on the books only, not the HBO series. But the show follows the books close enough to keep the important details the same so it doesn't matter much aside from different environments and characters.

The game is largely a story focused RPG so there's a lot of dialogue, cutscenes and loading. The story is pretty cool and it ties in with the events of the first book pretty well, don't want to give away too much there.

The combat is okay, basically you slow down time, pick out attacks from your attack wheel, switch to partner and do the same, let time speed back up and regain energy, repeat. It's not just running in and button mashing and requires a little strategy sometimes. It was odd at first but when you get more attacks and develop strategies, it works well.

One character has a dog you can attack, disarm and kill people with and the other has flame weapons and abilities so the combat didn't get too repetitive for me. Being an RPG there are skill trees, new attacks, weapons and all that stuff too. There are also dialogue choices which have impact on the story and alternate endings.

The graphics could have been better but I only had a few glitches. It froze twice on me but stopped after I installed it. The camera can be annoying when you're in a corner fighting and the door clipping is bad but I'd rather magically pass through it than awkwardly maneuver myself and allies around it so it's passable. Another one is turning corners quickly in town, you can see everything pop in sometimes.

Overall, it's a solid game. If you're a fan of the books or show it's well worth a rental. And even though I liked it, the combat system isn't for everyone so look into that before you get it.

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