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It's no HBO special, but it's decent

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) May 29, 2012

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Trying to capture the amazingness that is Game of Thrones on HBO I'm sure was a challenge. The show's excellent characters, story, plot twists, and surprises are hard to capture in a video game, but GOT the game is a decent supporting tie-in to the show, if you're a huge fan that is. If you're looking for a deep battle system, this is a pass, but if you want a good story with lots of talking, this is it for you.

This game takes place in 2 different stories that intertwine, and you play as BOTH Mors and Alestair, and you take turns playing their quests. As Mors, your story is based around the Night's Watch, as you are a master tracker/ranger. As Alestair, you are trying to take back your city as the true heir, and your quest revolves around King's Landing and such.

Both Mors and Alestair have very different fighting styles and stances, so you'll need to master both. They have skill trees and somewhat deep character progression, but it's hard to level up enough to really feel powerful, and that was annoying.

The combat system is a mix of real time combat and a turn based RPG. The game only slows down, not pauses, while you choose your attacks. So as you pick your attacks and spec. moves, your enemy is slowing moving in for the kill too. You can't move once your moves are in, but you can cancel them to retreat. It's hard to explain, but I hated it. You can switch between your guy and an ally if you have one at the time, and even that's hard to do because then the computer controls your guy.

Special items are required a lot for certain areas, so exploring is often blocked. There are side quests, but a lot of them are short and boring. It does not have the loot collecting you'd expect either.

GOT is a narrative focused RPG to add to the HBO TV experience. There's a TON of dialogue, thank God for the good voice acting at most parts. But the gameplay is poor. Do not buy.

Milt Drucker

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Unpolished but fun

posted by VeritasX (PHOENIX, AZ) May 26, 2012

Member since Mar 2007

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This game is easily in the vein (especially combat wise) of Dragon Age: Origins. It has the same basic set up and roughly generally similar party control. The graphics are rough and some of the voice acting isn't the greatest. The game play gets better as you level up and unlock better abilities. Where the game truly shines is at being Game of Thrones. The story has a lot of fun hints and allusions to the canon material. You get to interact with the characters you know from the book.
This really is awesome for any RPG/Game of Thrones fan. Not everybody will enjoy it but it is really fun for those who are willing to give it a chance.

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Very Good

I wonder...

posted by element04 (BAKERSFIELD, CA) May 22, 2012

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I don't know why people are hating on this game so much. Aside from from a problems here and there I thought the game was actually pretty fun. I'm actually going through my second play through.

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