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GF Rating


I actually like this game..its different...

posted by zombieone (ANSTED, WV) Jun 1, 2012

Member since Sep 2009

This game is a little difficult, but once you learn the combat system... which obviously takes "X" amount of time, more for some, less for others. Its a fun game. I have had fun running side quests to help a brothel's highest earning wench, get all the money she was owed by a well off patron who never paid for her services... hahaha it was funny you can do alot with the conversation/story in this game you Play as a Lord in their Caste system, which means you can manipulate MANY of them. Gaining allies which are sent to the Wall to join the Black when you are playing as "Mors" There are 2 main characters Mors, and Alester Sarwyck and you get to choose from I think 6 different sub class professions. I chose Water Dancer for Alester. I have not watched the show, to speak of how well it coincides with it, but the game is interesting and fun to me.

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GF Rating


Not what I expected....

posted by Derek001 (BLOOMINGTON, IL) May 28, 2012

Member since Mar 2010

Well sadly I was incredibly let down...

First there were the bad graphics.
Then the long load lag between rooms or chapters.
Then the, for whatever reason, long game download to even play it.
Story sucked...I honestly expected a great deal more from the author of GOT. I mean really he actually signed off thinking this would be great? No one ever said anything about "Hey you might want to rethink some of this..." The story was a huge let down come the end as I couldn't believe what was going on. All this work and

They both pretty much die? Alister hangs himself and then mors has to fight off sworn brothers for the rest of his life as he looks after the child? yeah right...absolutely absurd endings and story sucked. What if I didn't want to be house sarywyck or a nights watch? I could care less for both these stories....

Another thing that got me was there wasn't much of a theme in this game. You were never anywhere other then 5 specific areas...
underground maze
kings landing
riverlands city
castle black

Thats it...really was a constant run around over and over and over again. Along with a short game to boot.

If you wanna give players choices to end up with different endings give it more of a kick...Get together with Mass Effect creators. If you want a real RPG with some real world involvement and something more get together with Oblivion/Skyrim creators.

Anyways, As I said I am completely disappointed with this. Lots of lag, bad story, horrible ending...just sucked.

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GF Rating


Sorry, but it's not good.

posted by Cephalotripsist (SALEM, OH) May 27, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

Think of Dragon Age 2. That's all that came to mind when I started this up. Clunky repetitive animations, terriblye Game of Thrones references every few minutes, and just overall terribly gameplay. Wouldn't play it again. I give it a 3 because I feel like it could've been good.

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