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Very Good

Are people serious?

posted by DWolf312 (LYNN, MA) Dec 14, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

61 out of 70 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

I actually went and bought this game not to long ago and you people seem to just assume it's bad, some of you didn't even give it a chance, out of all these reviews only 2 were somewhat helpful.

Menu System - Seriously if you paid attention at all it tells you swipe your left hand to swipe the menu left, swipe right to go right. Is that so hard? Hold you left hand out at waist to use the back button, hold right hand out at waist to push the ok button. It also indicates when you hand is there by the ring around the button moves inwards and then it starts to light up green and make a noise. Seriously how incompetent can people be.

As far as the games go I rarely had a problems, basketball and football can be tricky depending on how your sensor is placed and if it can track you tall people of course need to tilt the camera up a bit. Which in-game they made this wonderful button on a controller called X which brings you to the Motion Tracking so you can adjust it.

The only game which seemed to have any issues with was Table Hockey due to it seem to be laggy but as long as you keep your cool and take you time you'll get the hang of it and then it's a blast.

So as far as my review I think this game can overall be fun and entertain which I'm actually going to play it as we speak because now I want to play some ski ball but, you people these days just want everything so simple and easy, sit down take your time and actually pay attention or maybe even look up the instructions and read them first.

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It's actually decent.

posted by TheZeeMan (ROSEVILLE, MI) Nov 21, 2010

Member since Jun 2006

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

I also had a basketball problem, until I troubleshot the problem and found out when you shoot a basketball and if you are tall, kinect tracks your hands. Well if you are out the tracking area at the top of your shot, then yeah basketball doesn't work. If you don't mind having to adjust, this game works pretty well. I only had some minor issues with like 2 of the 16 games.

The menu system is somewhat quirky as it is invisible when you choose different things, but it's really not that challenging. I'm hoping they do release a patch quick though to polish it up. It's also a great price at $39.99 instead of $49.99, and if you get it from gamefly, it's even cheaper! :)

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GF Rating


Not Bad; Played Better

posted by Cerebral (MISHAWAKA, IN) Nov 23, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

9 out of 11 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

Most of the games work well if you follow the instructions. The menu system takes some getting used to but gets the job done. I had a problem with the Basketball game because I am tall and it kept pausing saying it couldn't see me I found if I kept my arm lower it did actually work though. Most of the games are fun especially multi-player. My biggest complaint is that the game forces both players to be in front of the Kinect even on games like pool were you take turns and annoyingly pauses if it can't see both players. They should have made it so stepping out of frame when it isn't your turn is possible, I mean you can on Kinect sports. Although a minor complaint it can become an annoyance at times especially if you don't have a lot of play space. All in all a decent over all game.

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