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Stay out of this "Game Room"

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 29, 2008

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Game Party 2 is yet another game trying to copy the success of Wii Sports. It even has their own version of the Miis (Why can't they just use Miis in this game?)
Game Party 2 has eleven games, not all are unique. It has six original types of games.
One group of games includes Darts and QB Challenge. Here, you toss either a dart or football at the screen at the targets.
Another group of games has Lawn Dart, Horseshoes, Beanbags, and Skill Ball. Here you use an underhanded throw to toss an object or ball at a target.
Then there's Hoop Shoot and Ping Cup, where you shoot overhand to get ball(s) into basket or cups.
Shuffleboard has you pushing discs as close to the edge as you can without going over.
Puck Bowling tries to be like the Bowling in Wii Sports.
Finally, there's a Trivia Challenge where you answer several multiple choice questions.
All the games work fine, except the Darts and QB Challenge; I had little control of where the dart/football was going to end up.
If I'm starting to sound bland, that's because this game seriously lacks presentation. The graphics are dull, the menus are boring and all the characters lack emotion.
Winning the games doesn't get me much; after each game, I get tickets to unlock different looking gaming gear or unlock new features to modify my avatar's look with. But these unlockables don't add anything exciting to the game - they're just cosmetic changes.
The only real draw is multi player, but that's true for almost every title of this genre.
Skip Game Room 2; there are better mini game collections than this.

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Very Good

A nice sequel to the first one

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Oct 14, 2008

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I played Game Party one and it was prouble one of the best sports games available for the wii. There are a bunch of "junk" sports games out for the wii which quite honestly shoudnt of ever been launched into the wii world. This game isnt one of those. If you havnt played any of the game parties then you might be sceptical. But this is a very decent sports game for the wii. If you have a bunch of friends to play this with it will be fun but if your alone it wont be since there is no WiFi and it gets quite dull without a real competitor. This game has many fun new games that some are fun and some not so much. I personally liked the bean bag game which is pretty much the game every college person plays in their front lawn. Horse shoes is also another game on there which i thought was just a bit difficult and i kept losing. All the other games are pretty fun though. Also if you played the first game party it has all the games from that one too. In general this game is one of the best sports game available for the wii and every wii owner needs to try this game out.

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Coaster Game

posted by baloo93906 (SALINAS, CA) Oct 23, 2008

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I know, this game has nothing to do with a roller coaster. Well it has nothing to do with party games either. If these 'games' were 'parties' they would be the equivalent of a bikini festival in the south pole. The only good thing about this game is that if you use the disc as a coaster you might be able to protect your table. Although the game is so lousy, it probably would not be able to do that effectively either.

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