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posted by QingTrey (TERRELL, TX) Jul 26, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

Ok. First of all, most of the games were horrible but Disign is #1 most horrible. Second of all, the extra games were horribe too. They wern't any better than the others except one.

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8 for Renting and 6 for buying

posted by jdsampsonite (APACHE JUNCTION, AZ) Jul 24, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

I had a lot of fun with this game and it is deffinetly worth a rent. However I feel that $40 is to steep of a price to pay for the game. It just did not have enough games to play within. On the single player side Shutter makes really good use of the game pad having you be a photographer going out on assignments and you have to use your game pad to zoom in and get pictures of different targets. Gamer is a lot of fun it has you as a kid who doesn't want his mom to catch him playing games. You have to play little games on the game pad and keep from the mom catching you on the screen. It had my kids hiding under a blanket whenever my wife walked by them, as a game. Taxi makes decent use of the game pad, you drive around in a little car on the screen and then use the game pad to shoot down aliens. It was ok but not great. After those there was not much that really kept my interest in the single players. Ok but didn't really want to go back to. Multiplayer: Sketch is a great pictionary game, and fruit is an enjoyable multiplayer game where you steal fruit on the gamepad and then afterwards those watching try to guess who the culprit is. It makes you realize why police lineups dont work that well. The other two multiplayer games were pretty boring. So rent it and enjoy, but would be worth picking up at a price around $20

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GF Rating

Very Good

Just as Smooth as Smooth Moves

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 23, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

Wario and his friends (enemies, associates, whatever) from Warioware: Smooth Moves are back in the WiiU installment, called Game and Wario.
In this version, you get sixteen games – twelve games single player games and four multiplayer games
For the single player games, you have to unlock them by beating the previous game. Usually this would turn me off, but in this instance, it’s not a problem because unlocking the games isn’t too tough.
And the games are for the most part, fun. There’s the Arrow game where you shoot advancing robots with regular arrows and with powerful sneeze arrows.
And there’s the game where you ski down slopes or go on an endless ski journey. And there’s the game where you piece together pictures.
But the best game for me is the 9 Volt game. Here, you have to keep an eye on both screens. As you play simple games on the WiiU game pad, you have to keep an eye on the bedroom scene on the TV screen.
Every now and then, 9 Volt’s mother jumps in – from the window or the TV in the bedroom or the door. When she does, you have to hit the shoulder buttons so 9 Volt can pretend to sleep – and not get caught by his mother.
The multiplayer games are also fun; you play their version of Pictionary, or you can launch little creatures onto islands to score points.
And there are special prizes for doing well in these games. You get tokens to unlock odd features.
You can get info on all the characters.
You can make a sign and hold it up to passing motorists to hitch a ride.
You can play a Beyblade type game.
You can trip up a bunch of people with a rope – and so much more
But there are a few problems with this game. Some of the games have very few levels to them – and are over far too quickly (I’m looking at you, Ashley).
And I was hoping they use the Single player games in the Multiplayer part like in Smooth Moves
Still, this game is a whole lot of fun for a single player or a party, and I say Game & Wario is worth the $40 price tag.

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