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Good for kids...

posted by DrKnow (PEMBROKE PINES, FL) Dec 20, 2008

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I got this game mainly for my daughter. Its basically ninten-dogs for horses.

You own a horse farm with 1 horse and have to ride it, clean it, feed it and win some races for money to add on to the farm , buy more animals, train then feed them. You get to take the horses for rides in different areas that are unlocked. Jump them, race them etc..

The Wii remote controls are actually surprisingly good for this game. Controlling the horse was easy and overall, not a bad control system.

As an adult, this game was boring boring boring.... My little 7 year old loved it though.

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"Gallop and Ride": Not quite makes the mark

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 4, 2009

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As I started playing Gallop and Ride, I wondered how my character got his/her hands on such good property - a large home, stables, huge fields to ride about in and nobody around except for horses.
But I digress; Gallop and Ride is about riding horses, taking care of the business of riding horses and caring for the horses you do ride.
You start off with 300 credits and one horse. To make more credits, you have to ride about the first of three areas, jumping over every fence and wall section you come across. This builds up your horse's skill.
Get enough skill points and you can participate in jumping competitions every Wednesday and Sunday for credits.
You also get credits by opening up a place to train up to 3 foals a day by making the foal go to a marked spot on screen.
As you accumulate credits, you open up a guest house and rent out rooms and horses to guests, build a breeding grounds where you can breed your horses with others for a stud fee, get a therapy place to massage clients' horses for more credits, and buy the other two fields so you can take on more jumping competitions. There's a lot of things to do here.
You also have to keep the horses fed, healthy and clean. Keeping them fed; no problem. Just make sure you buy food, feed them, and clean the stables (Pooper scooper, anyone?)
Keeping them clean is different; you do that by playing minigames - brushing or hosing off dirt, brushing and scraping off dirt from the horses hooves and massaging horses (after you've built the therapy center.)
All this works if the controls work well. Cleaning and massaging the horses are easy to pull off, though you have to do them many times over.
Where this game goes wrong - very wrong - is in riding horses and training of the foals. The controls here are very clunky and almost non responsive. The biggest problem is getting the horse to gallop fast; sometimes it just stood there, other times it just trotted.
Horse lovers: rent this game, others skip it.

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Very Good

Very Relaxing and Fun for a Change of Pace

posted by TRWilkins (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Sep 7, 2009

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I have a lot of games and most of them consist of role playing and action. they can be very challenging and trying at times. This is the perfect game for me to relax. It's very fun. Basically, you're given a run down ranch from your grandfather and you have to earn money to fix it up to get more clients.

Some of the mini games are challenging, but once you get used to the controls it's very fun. By the way, you can change the settings for controlling your horse in the options menu to the joystick, which is a complaint a lot of people have.

This game is very addicting and though it would seem as though it would be repetitive, it really works out okay.

Basically I recommend this game to anyone that wants a break from really challenging games and loves horses (though there are a couple of things that are HIGHLY inaccurate such as how to pick a horses hooves...hello you have to pick out the frog...but in the game the horse will kick and lose trust...whatever).

So basically a fun, relaxing sim game if you don't take it too seriously.

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