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Galleon: Islands of Mystery

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Gameplay Controls

Galleon: Islands of Mystery

GamePlay: Galleon's in-game tutorial will teach you more complex moves and actions.

Directional Pad UP/DOWN = Highlight option. LEFT/RIGHT = Adjust certain selected options.
A Button Select highlighted option/complete action
B Button Return to previous screen

Left Thumbstick Camera and Movement (pressure sensitive)
Right Thumbstick RIGHT/LEFT = Open/Close In-game Menu (Treasure, Characters, Usable Pick-ups and Weapons)
A Button Jump
B Button Lock-on/first person view (press or hold)
X Button Enter combat mode. Primary Attack in combat mode.
Y Button Enter combat mode.. Multidirectional Attack in combat mode.
White Button Use Healing Mushroom
Black Button Use Strong Healing Mushroom
Left Trigger Cycle Weapons. Enter combat mode.
Right Trigger Grab and Climb (pull and hold)
Start In-game Options/Pause Game


-Use safe movement in unfamiliar or precarious areas.
- IMPORTANT: Using safe movement when climbing may feel laborious, but it'll save Rhama from severe injury.
- While it may sound dangerous, speed is often Rhama's friend. For example, it can be useful when a long leap is required or he needs to get out of a tight spot.
-Move the left thumbstick halfway UP and Rhama will jog. This is still "safe" movement.
-Rhama can run along ledges. However, he will fall if he is directed off of a ledge.
-If you do not want Rhama to fall off of any ledges, then don't move the left thumbstick fully UP.

-Rhama cannot jump until you have completed the first level tutorials.
-The further you move the left thumbstick UP/DOWN, the farther Rhama will jump.
-To make a grab at the top of a leap, move and hold the left thumbstick UP.
-Rhama jumps slightly higher vertically than he would if he jumped forwards or backwards.
-Give Rhama a good, long run up. He can leap unbelievably huge chasms, if given the room to do so.
-Listen for Rhama's feet making contact with a surface before beginning the next move.
-Due to their slippery nature, Rhama cannot wall jump on mossy or metal walls.

-If Rhama falls a long way, he can lose health. When this happens, the screen flashes red and he'll grunt or moan in pain.
- Rhama can grab for ledges he's just fallen off, if you quickly move the left thumbstick in the direction of the ledge.
-To cover even further distances in the air, press the Y Button to enter the swan dive position.
-Use "Look Mode" to see which surfaces are climbable. If the Lock-On display turns red, the surface is climbable.
- IMPORTANT: IF you release the Right Trigger while climbing, Rhama immediately falls off the surface he is on.
-As with other types of movement, Rhama can climb safely or unsafely, depending on how far you move the left thumbstick.
-To descend quickly, face the camera straight down the wall and move the left thumbstick UP, Rhama slides down the wall at high speed.
-To get a grip after jumping onto a climbable surface, hold the Right Trigger as Rhama lands. If you time it right, Rhama gets a handhold and can begin climbing.
-Remember, keep the Right Trigger pulled at all times while hanging or Rhama will lose his grip and fall.
-"Unsafe" Rhama will fall if he comes across a sharp overhang. "Safe" Rhama methodically swings hand-over-hand in the direction the camera is facing; he moves along edges and he won't fall off.
Rhama can sometimes jump his way out of slippery situations.

-IMPORTANT: Underwater, the left thumbstick rotates the camera in every direction. Let go of the left thumbstick, and the camera will return to a neutral position.
-Look out for light sources when underwater, such as the sun. The shafts of light they create underwater can help you work out what's up, what's down and where you might want to go.
-You'll know Rhama is swimming fast because his body flicks like a dolphin.
In later levels, you may need to call upon one of your large-lunged companions to assist Rhama underwater.
- WARNING: When Rhama is out of air, you'll hear him gulping and see a subtle red flashing on the screen as his health is depleted. If you don't get him to the surface quick, he'll die.
-Water currents affect Rhama when he is swimming. Watch for underwater particles that push Rhama around. Look for gaps in the currents, or use the current to your advantage...


-Pull and release the Left Trigger to cycle through each available weapon.
-It pays to bide your time and keep off the attack buttons in combat mode. While a block stops Rhama sustaining damage, a failed attack leaves Rhama open for an extra helping of cold, hard punishment.
-Some special attacks, particularly magical assaults, cannot be blocked.
-Moving attacks are the best form of defense.
-You can link multiple combo moves together if you get the timing right. With skill, it is possible to chain 3, 4 or even 10+ combo attacks together....


-If a secondary character isn't doing what you want them to, Rhama may need to approach and assist them....
-By default, Black and White buttons use Red and Blue Mushrooms.
-Hunt carefully and Rhama might find more powerful swords.