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A great concept, poor execution

posted by Vignirsson (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Apr 19, 2006

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I knew going into this game that a lot of other reviewers had panned this game but I figured with Atlus and its track record, I would at least have to give it a shot. It was a marvelous concept that I could get behind (really, who couldn't get behind a Pirate RPG?) and characters that looked glossy enough to catch the eye.

And that was correct, to a point. The programming on this for visual style is decent to say the least, though the characters seem more long and lanky than actual human proportions. The camera view and movement was something that managed to keep everything together, but was also its downfall at least for my tastes.

After a while, it was a chore trying to sync up both joysticks as you tried to move, not to mention the fact that moving on a small ledge was a nightmare, due to the lack of sensitivity with the movement portion of the joysticks. Though you could manage to get used to it after a while, it was rather annoying to keep falling off of things to your certain doom.

And speaking of doom, the battles was where it was doomed for me. Not only did it take me forever to get button combos right, but with larger critters in certain areas where you must climb on them to hit them in the head, for a battle that should have taken ten minutes actually took me at least an hour after trying to get the climb, the sneak, the attack and the ejection rythym down.

In all honesty, this works out great because it is a good renter to test out and see if you like the concept. If I had the patience to do this game, I would have loved to keep moving and at least figure out what was going on in this world. Just remember that you are laboring under something very antiquated and it will more than likely not be fun for you to do so.

Final rating (for what I played - 4+ hours): 6 out of 10

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Sail the mediocre seas!

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jan 5, 2009

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For many years, it looked like Galleon would never come to fruition. Canceled on several systems and stalled in production, it's a wonder the game finally got released on the Xbox. Sadly, all that time and effort has resulted in this.
The game revolves around Rahma, a swashbuckler with inhuman jumping capability, as he fights Jabez, a magically enhanced dullard. Rahma is assisted by a couple hotties who spend most of their time fawning over him. A pirate's life for me...
The graphics are unsurprisingly rough. The musical score is nothing memorable and sound effects are stilted and overused. But the voice acting is solid.
The gameplay offers lots of platforming, swordfighting, swimming and some puzzle-solving. It's obvious that the developers had big ambitions for the game. But, since the controls are so rough and the camera gets disorienting, these ambitions get bogged down in technical mishaps.
The game makes a couple design choices that left me disappointed. Islands are levels and you never go back to them, making the structure very linear. Rahma never gains new abilities, weapons or stats, so the game remains shallow throughout.
Galleon does provide many of the things you'd look for in a pirate adventure. You find lost treasure, fight pirates, explore some islands and woo lovely ladies. The game implements these elements into gameplay well, but suffers from one major problem: age. There might not have been any competition for Galleon when the project was started, but now it has more competition than it can handle. Games like Sid Meier's Pirate, Legend of Black Kat and Pirates of the Caribbean are it's high-seas contemporaries. Galleon cannot stand against the length, depth and lasting appeal of it's competition.
In the end, Galleon offers nothing special to the genre and has too many flaws to make a solid title. It's not terrible, but far from worth your time. Do yourself a favor and set sail for another game.

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Uh, yeah, great job guys

posted by Vondow (CARY, NC) Apr 27, 2007

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So I bought this because of my love of all things piratical. Which would explain why I spent almost half an hour in the first scene chasing some guy in circles and checking all doors by hitting every button before my wife asked me what I was doing. She supervised me for a few minutes before she told me I should send this one back and leave a bad review. And as typical when she gives advice, she was probably right.

Here's to hoping you don't hit the same gameplay bug.

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