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GF Rating


Good, But Not Great

posted by JStayton (MARTINEZ, CA) Feb 13, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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If you are looking for the next gen graphics associated with XBox360 games, then this isn't the title for you. However, if you enjoy a nice storyline and solid gameplay, then GUN may be just what you are looking for. There are obvious flaws in the game, one being its length. It should not take more than about 4-5 hours of play to finish the main storyline and all of the side quests (on easy or normal at least), and there is not much more to do after that. The harder difficulties can be really challenging (insane is, well, insane). If you are looking for some easy gamertag points, you may like this game. There are 800 points out of the 1000 that are rather easy (the other 200 for beating it on hard and insane), and the only reason to play the game through more than once is to obtain more gamertag points. The game plays solid and is enjoyable for the first time through. A great game to rent and beat in a couple of days, but definitely not a game that you should purchase. If only there were more things that could be done outside of the missions. There is a scalping feature, but it appears to have no point to it (I scalped a few people, but it does absolutely nothing in terms of the game - you can get 100% complete without scalping anyone). Overall, a 'good' game that deserves a rating of 7/10. If there were a multiplayer it would have vastly improved the game, but as is this is a solid game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Gun Slingin Comes Alive (for the most part)

posted by Ricayu (YUMA, AZ) Jan 24, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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For those who like to challenge themselves, let me suggest you set this game at a harder difficulty. I found myself strategizing and trying to figure out how not to get killed. I am relieved not to have been born in the Old West as I would have died a dozen times on numerous missions. The good news is that the mission reloads and has unannounced checkpoints throughout and reloads so you can die, I mean try again.

Unfortunately I do not see this game having much replayability. Partly because you are limited to the main story line. There are optional sidequests to complete, that greatly boost your stats, but I couldn't help but wonder if the creator's opened up this world as the wonderous world of "Oblivion" the old west would have come alive. You were given a task to do, your clothes changed even when they were cool depending on your mission, and you took the role of a gunslinger. I would have loved more freedom to explore and continue working with the Native Americans; exporing their culture, going on raids, talkig to NPC's (which you don't do) would have greatly improved this game. The map was also limited in size.

Despite those points, this was a great look into what life would have been like in the late 1800's. There were mature references and speech, but slingin guns and charging a crowded room, or hiding behind a boulder taking sniper shots was quite satisfying. There was diversity in the approach needed to accomplish your mission, the story, and weapons you were able to use, to warrent this game a good recommendation. A great game for those who like RPG's, shooters, or history.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great Idea, some issues though.

posted by dfcski (LINCOLN, RI) May 18, 2006

Member since May 2006

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This game is a great idea, as there is a serious lack of good 3rd person shooters out there, and there aren't many cowboy games either.

The game is fun and the story line is decent.
There are many people around town that you can do various jobs for to earn money. You can work for the sheriff, the postal service, and others... and this keeps the game interesting because you have options as to what you feel like doing if you get to a part where the story line slows down a bit.
However, they only carried the ball half the way on some of the features. You can buy a scalping knife to scalp your victims, but then there is nothing to do with the scalps. So the only point of getting it is to watch the victim scream and squirm while you take their scalp and blood sprays all over. (which doesn't get old... no matter how many times you do it)

This game is very worth playing through, but since there is no multiplayer and no replay value, don't buy it, because it'll be a $60 beer coaster once you finish.

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