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A step backwards?

posted by neogreg707 (SALINAS, CA) Oct 15, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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Gun is a game that some might say it would be impossible to put all of the consoles versions content onto a single UMD. With all of the free-roaming terrain, extended storyline, cutscenes, side missions, voice acting, complex controls, and extra weapons, it does seem impossible. But somehow, they actually did it without sacrificing much from the console version. The graphics are slightly above average from your average PSP game. Instead of having to search around for a horse, you get a whistle to summon your horse when you need it, since the entire game world is devoid of extra horses. In fact, the game has no pedestrians except those who sell things, offer you missions, and those inside the missions. The horseback riding was one of the strong points in the original Gun. In this version it's the exact opposite. The controls for handling your horse are horrible on end. Using the anolog nub to control the horse will cause you to run into obstacles or go right by your target. The controls on foot are similar to those first found in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. Shooting is fun and satisfying like the original. The game really isn't all that different than the original Gun. The story is still pretty short and some audio parts feel unpolished. It is in fact somewhat less than the console version. Scalping is gone and getting into showdowns when you kill too many innocents is also gone. Multiplayer is lag free but isn't infrastructure which is a huge bummer. If you have to know the missing adventures not found in the original Gun, or you just want to play it on the go, give this one a go. If you have never played Gun, I suggest playing the console version instead. Otherwise, the game is decent and stays true to the Gun name. But it feels like a minimal expansion pack with some lowly minigames. I give it an extra point because 6 1/2 points aren't allowed and 6 just doesn't feel right for a game more than decent.

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Very Good

fixs GUN's problems but has a couple of it own

posted by matthewsea (FUQUAY VARINA, NC) Oct 27, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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GUN was released on all major consoles last year. the game got generally positive reviews. But it was criticized by just about every critic for being to short, and no multiplayer. Luckily showdown fixes almost all problems. adding and hour or two to single player. It also offers and average PSP shooter online experience. But sadly it takes steps back, like the towns have benn reduced to a small amount of people. like there'd be dozens of people in empire city in PS2, Pc, ETC. there aren't very many people at all in Showdown. Now as i get back to multilayer. It has 3 modes and 60 players. Poker, death match, and golden cross (capture the cross instade of flag) poker is just about what you'd expect and death match is the same. for the controls you can set them move with stick aim with D-PAD move with stick aim with face buttons. move with face buttons aim with D-pad, ETC. But almost any control scheme you pick, horse riding is way to difficult. because you find your self wanting to gallop but jumping or want to trample attack and shoot. Also also a down grade is the consoles/PC had some cinematic cut scenes. But on PSP's downgraded graphics and small screen the fell good but a little choppy. overall i think showdown ends up where its predecessors was. (note this game includes extreme graphic violence. rather its blowing there head apart or just the blood that apperas when there shot. but the took out scalping

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Walk thru time

posted by waynetango (LOS ANGELES, CA) Oct 20, 2006

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I really enjoyed this game. The use of the controls is very easy, and quick to master. Being able to shoot anyone is fun, though after awhile it tends to get a little boring since they die in the same way, all the time. Still if you want to get the feel of being in the old west and being able to draw your gun and shoot some bad guys this is the game to play. For myself this is one game that i will not be returning and keeping it.

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