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Above Average


posted by FazaMonste (NEW YORK, NY) Jul 22, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

If you like racing games, you will like this game. It's very pretty and has an excellent "rewind" function when you crash (called "instant replay" or something).

The cars handle well.

Thing is, it's just plain boring. I thought it would be like Burnout, but it's not. You drive in circles. Not fun.

Not a BAD game - i'm sure some people like driving in circles - but do you really want to drive in circles?

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GF Rating


Very pretty, but next to no learning curve!

posted by Azrael32 (REX, GA) Jul 21, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

The graphics on this game are great. The racing is very intense. I like the fact that you can enter in a nickname and that the game actually uses it when it speaks. Such as, Great job KEN, now we just have to try harder the next time. So it's really cool to hear the game actually say your name. The 7 rewind is nice to try to correct your mistakes, but it either needs to be longer or you need more in the beginning of the game until you get used to the controls and response of the cars.
I just had such a hard time getting the car to drive the way I wanted to, there is no in between speed while driving. It's is all out gas or foot to the floor brake. Now I did finally start slowing down much much sooner than I should have and tapping the break but then the other cars would just crash and bump me into obstacles or just crash and wipe me out with them. The 4 tracks that I did in the beginning had A LOT of dark spots where the corners were so it was very hard for me to see how close I could make the turn without hitting obstacles. Maybe it's easier to see on a HD tv, but I wouldn't think it would make that much difference. I didn't see any training sections to help you learn how to drive the cars any better and they didn't have regular versions of cars for you to start out on. It's just here's and awesome souped-up racing car, get out and the track and drive; hope you don't wreck and destroy your car!
I'm just really used to driving Gran Turismo or Need for Speed. This game had too much of a learning curve at the beginning for me and no way to try to work with it. Others of you may think the game is AWESOME and I won't argue with you that racing is intense and very cool looking on the screen, but it just wasn't very fun for me. I was about to throw my $60 controller through the wall after playing it for the first 30 minutes. I rented it and tried playing it over 3 days, but I just couldn't get over the huge frustration factor.

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GF Rating


Looks good, plays bad

posted by jdmsilver (NEWPORT BEACH, CA) Jul 16, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

The game looks and sounds fantastic but the controls are horrible. The gas and brake are simply full on or full off, meaning there is no ability to modulate your throttle or braking unlike other driving games. This means that if you don't have the traction or braking assist on, you will either not be able to grip under throttle or lock up your brakes under hard braking. This makes the cars very annoying to drive since you cannot control it properly.

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