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Great potential, but gets wrecked for racing newbs

posted by kichigai13 (BELTON, TX) Jul 28, 2008

Member since Jul 2005

I am not a fan of too many racing games, but with good reviews I gave GRID a try.

Graphics and sound, awesome, it's what kept me going. The detail in damage is top notch and car deterioration was a welcome addition.

However, for a non racing expert, there is absolutely no curve. On the easiest settings there is no winning a race for me, and I played and beat the Burn Out games. Controls have me all over, spinning out and destroying cars. I wish it were a better game for someone like me, I really do. The fun left me somewhere between the 5th and 8th race of barely finishing with a tore up car.

I am thankful for a gamefly membership when well reviewed games like this come along and disappoint me.

If you are really into racing games you should give it a chance. Cause you will have to know what you are doing, really well, to succeed at this one.

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very tedious

posted by HotShot45 (GOLETA, CA) Jul 25, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

a fun game during the circuit races but it is imposible to do a successful drift.

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Great graphics and premise - too difficult 4 most

posted by rmb3cker (EDMOND, OK) Jul 25, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

The graphics on this game are some of the best ever on a racer/simulator. The gameplay is very realistic - too realistic perhaps for a game. I really don't see how anyone without a good steering wheel and a lot of patience could ever become successful at this game. My son is 12 and gave up playing after thirty minutes of crashing a few times and receiving too much damage to continue. I was able to finish a few races, but never higher than 5th or 6th place - compared to being highly competitive on any other racing/simulator.

The car selections is great and the tracks are varied in degree of difficulty. The main problem being, as I stated before, THIS GAME IS HARD.

I rated it a "7" based on the graphics, realism and potential for many hours of play. If it were only more easy to play it would suck in a whole lot more people. Including myself.

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