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Dude.....This Game is my C R A C K!!

posted by notthatguy (BOSSIER CITY, LA) Jun 13, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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Seriously, if you have been disappointed by the other racing games for PS3 then you need to at least try this one!

I can't stop playing this one, and I can't wait to get off from work to play more! What makes it so great?


This is the first game I've played since Gran Turismo 3 that TRULY has the unique and different handling characteristics for each one of the different cars. Each car definitely takes a little practice to master.

The variety of races are just unbelievable! The Figure 8 Destruction Derby races are so freakin' tough! The 24hr. LeMans race is one of the most intense races in the game! It's a really cool 24 minute race.

All of the tracks AND races are unique, fun, and challenging......yes they are!

One of the best, yet disappointing things about this game is that you buy your cars race stock cars. But the truly best thing about the game is.......

YOU DON'T HAVE TO START THE GAME WITH A PIECE! You start the game with a Dodge Viper, and the piece comes later when you start team racing. But even at that, you DON'T HAVE TO USE IT FOREVER like other games!

.........................- .........................- .........................-

A Few Complaints That Should Not Stop You From Renting/Buying This Game Are:

The only thing you can customize on your car is the color, and a fair number of vinyls....not even wheels :(

They could have done a better job on creating the unique sound for each car.... it wasn't too bad by the way.

It takes a little practice to master the controls....and you have to do it without much help from their on-screen prompting system. (Pay attention the FIRST TIME! will not see it again!)

The sponsors of the game are a little more than obvious....The E-Bay Motors thing is unique, yet about as commercial as it gets.

Too many names: User name, announced name, team name etc.


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Its like DIRT!, but on the street.

posted by BmwFreak (HACKETT, AR) Jun 5, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

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If you play many racing games, then you might first notice that GRID is alot like DIRT, but better. The driving physics engine is the same one they used in DIRT, but there are a few well placed design changes. First thing you'll see is completely different is that you'll be racing along side 10-20 other drivers unlike the solo matches placed in DIRT.
The courses range from everywhere in the world, A street course in the city streets of San Fansico or London, to Nurimberg, to Japan, to somewhere in South America. Each track seems to favor a certain type of car. Small and Nimble in Japan, Euro sporty at Nurinburg, to torque monsters in America.
Every car is fully adjustable soon into the game. And the list of cars is staggering, not quite the 700 in GT. But in this game there all fully tricked race cars, not fresh off showroom floor stockers. Each car handles like a real Lemans car should, crisp, sharp turning with more than enough horsepower to do some sick dounuts if your too heavy in the throttle.
Online head to head matches are intense and make this game worth keeping, but one feature I really enjoy is the ability to showcase your skills to a manufacture, and if you win the race they;ll hire you on as a driver, giving you money and their top of the line cars to race. With them as a sponsor you can enter a manufactures cup of sorts. BMW vs Porshe vs Ferrari vs Mercedes and so on. The carreer aspect is great allowing you to progress in any way you see fit. Your not confined to a sigle linear progression. If you don't like a perticular type of car you really don't have to mess with them unless you want 100% completion.
The Graphics are easily as good as GT 5 Proloug. Beautiful cars in every race and the damage system is great. If you total your car you can rewind time by about 10 secs and take a second chance at the spot you failed. You get about 3 of these rewinds per race depend on the difficulty level you selected.

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Very Good

should be rated higher

posted by 4NiKate (MENDHAM, NJ) Jul 16, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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i'm a big driving game fan...i own a ps3 and up until grid...nothing really stood out to me...especially for online play...grid is different than anything else i've played, as far as driven physics...i really enjoy it..especially the open wheel can take corners faster than any other game i've played....grand turismo big dissapointment, GTA4 is fun but not a "simulator kind of driving experience"..with grid there is damage and plenty of different styles of race...whether it be drifting in a tuner car, precision driving on Le mans or a muscle car screaming down the'll find something to your liking...oh and the online play is the least sluggish i've encountered

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