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Also on:PS3, DS
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Very Good

Great Presentation

posted by lotw01 (PALMDALE, CA) Jun 10, 2008

Member since Nov 2003

This game gets an "A" for effort. The graphics are one of the best for racing games on the 360 or PS3. The menu system has a nice look to it as does the intro to the race. The gameplay is pretty decent, except for a few flaws, the drifting seems to be a little over done, meaning too easy to get a car to drift, even taking off in a drift race will make your tires slide like crazy. The occasionally bug that a lot of people have gotten, pauses while playing when going around corners and such have not happened to me yet and I have played for about 2 hours already, but is happening to my friend on his all the time.

The game would have gotten a better score from me if they didn't ship the game with known bugs in it. It really makes me mad when developers/publishers push out a buggy game or unfinished game.

Now if we can get Codemaster to actually work on a realistic racer to take on GT and Forza things could be great for us.

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GF Rating


Great Racing Game

posted by Celts34 (LOWELL, MA) Jun 10, 2008

Member since Jun 2006

When you first start the game it immediately puts you in a Viper SRT-10 and you’re off! Not a Honda Civic that you have to win races to actually go over 100mph. If you love racing this is a great game. You’re not going to waste your time driving around the city to find races or even go to the Garage to fine tune and change the colors of your brake calipers...
The graphics are amazing and the realistic physics of hitting walls and opponents take this game to a whole new level. When you are tight in a pack you can not just ram your opponent with out a consequence, which makes you more disciplined on making your passes or even swiping someone out. The game is very FAST and the cars are ridiculous. It may not be a simulator like Project Gotham racing but it wayyy more fun in my opinion. Best racing game I have ever played so far!!!

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Not as good as some, better than most

posted by IamtheStig (PORT RICHEY, FL) Jun 10, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2006

This game is not as good as Forza 2, but it IS better than every other racing game on the 360. There are a few things I don't like. you are unable to truly customize your cars, unable to tune your cars, and the lighting blooms can be an annoyance at times and a hindrance at others. Another issue I am having is the unable to connect to session error messages when trying to get into an online game. It didn't happen on the demo, so I think their servers are just overloaded, hopefully this will get fixed. Other than that, I really can't find fault with this game. It is not a sim racer like Forza2, but the type of arcadey/realistic in some areas racing it provides is REALLY fun. It gives an intense racing experience. The career mode is deep and should keep you playing for a while, and the online racing is great. The graphics are great and the controls are tight(but it might take a while to get used to the cars handling.) All in all it is a great game and any racing game fan should pick this one up. Codemasters seem to be really finding their niche in the racing game scene with DIRT now Grid and next year the Formula 1 game. I, for one can't wait.

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