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Good but Flawed

posted by here2play (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Aug 12, 2008

Member since May 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

This is not a bad racing game and as noted in several other reviews it is not a sim but rather an arcade style racer in. Graphically it is passable, plays fast and plays smooth. The variety of cars is not great but you do get some different cars to play. The variety of races is a nice change. This includes the demolition derby sections. As noted it is flawed though. Mostly the AI is unfair. For example one of the biggest complaints is that when you tap or hit a car it just drives right through it but when they hit or even tap you, your car ends up in a swerving often uncontrollable scream across the road and that's when you get smashed by the other AI cars as they do nothing to avoid you. You find yourself restarting a race a lot of times simply because you got hit on the side panel and went like a tornado across the grass spinning out of control with no chance to now catch up. Yes, it does have a "rewind" feature but to enable this you have to destroy your car to be able to rewind what went wrong. Overall i was quite disappointed in this title, when the AI is fair it is enjoyable but once it decides to hit you from behind or from the side it becomes a lesson in frustration.

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Makes Racing High Energy

posted by JEagle (NEW CASTLE, PA) Jun 10, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

If you enjoy games like the Burnout series I say rent this one. This is NOT a sim like many have mentioned. What this is is a high energy arcade style racer that is not as crazy as Burnout can get yet not as regimented as Forza Motorsport either.

One feature I found kinda cool is during first setup you get a list of first names from which to choose (lets say jake for example). When the computer spotter is talking to you he addresses you by that name " Look like you lost a bumper there Jake!". A pretty neat feature, first time it used my name shocked me lol.

Solid fun for arcade racer fans. The car lineup might be small but is made up for in the fun of driving what is there. Besides, any racing game that gives you an achievement for rolling your car 20x can't be bad!

Hint: easy 5 achievement points, drive off a cliff. You'll get your air time achievement :)

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Forza and Pro street together

posted by MPizle (BOWMAN, ND) Jun 5, 2008

Member since Jan 2005

17 out of 23 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

I think this game is like Need for Speed Pro Street and Forza Motorsport put together but you may not think that but i do. This game has a VERY intense sense of racing and a very good planed career mode also the cars they put on it are amasing, they are almost all the cars I dream of like u see in the videos the Aston Martin, Mazda RX-7, Dodge Viper, and a whole lot more are in this game so I hope you will like it like I do.

This is my first review so bear with me..=)

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