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Yeah, It's Bad, But Still Fun

posted by Justice76 (MILPITAS, CA) Aug 19, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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Old school GI JOE figures
Different characters have different special attacks
Controls are simple
Fairly easy to earn platinum trophy; be patient (game is glitched in your favor)
Your AI buddy never dies!
Corny dialogue once you unlock the COBRA characters

Stalker, Hawk, Breaker, and Data-Frame never SHUT UP!
No camera controls :(
The worst vehicle controls of any game, ever
No real plot
No online multiplayer
Your AI Joe buddy has the intelligence of a tennis shoe
Different environments, same scenario: bang bang, you're vaporized

I liked this game. However, once I achieved the platinum, there was no reason to play it again. It is a linear game with no real surprises.

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What a Joke!

posted by Darth_Majin (TOMAH, WI) May 8, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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I was really looking forward to this game. What I expected and what I received were way off. I thought I would be getting a nice 3rd person adventure shooter, but this game is nothing more than an arcade shooter. It's a complete embarrassment for next gen systems, might be fun for kids but it's not even rated E it's rated T. Don't bother renting or buying this game unless you love G.I. Joe fanatically, or you love arcade shooters, or even if you want the trophy collection.

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G.I. No...

posted by Chaplin001 (EULESS, TX) Jun 16, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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This game is dumpster juice. Outdated graphics, horrific gameplay, and either too loud or barely audible audio makes this game one of the worst I've played in a long time. I got it this morning when I came in from work at 6:30AM and by 8:00AM it was back in the mail.

Characters are cut and paste with different models.. and bad models at that. The combat consists of holding the trigger button down and running. That's pretty much it. A one armed man with a rubber band around R2 could play this without much hassle. You barely even have to aim, just point the Joe towards the general direction you target is and away everything magically goes to it. Vehicle combat is bad also. With the fixed camera it's like driving a Smart car through a tunnel of jello with RPGs on the hood. It's hard to aim the weapons and drive. Half the time you will just stop driving and take over the turret.

This game is by far so not worth a rent. Do not get it.. for any system it's on. It's garbage and I'm sorely disappointed in EA for making it.

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