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Future Tactics: The Uprising


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Also on:Xbox, PS2
GF Rating

59 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Future Tactics: The Uprising
GamePlay: Future Tactics is played by turns. During its turn, each unit can move, and attack. Select a unit from the thumbnails of available units at the top of the screen. Select the Move Icon to move the unit, and a ring of green dots will show you the available movement range. When movement ends, a ring of blue dots will mark the possible attack range should you choose to attack.

Control Stick Move/aim
A Button Select
B Button Look Around Mode
X Button Display unit portraits/jump (Move Mode only)
Y Button Detailed info/toggle infra-red
Z Button First person view
L Button Zoom out (Aim Mode only)
R Button Zoom in (Aim Mode only)
C Stick Move camera
Start/Pause Pause