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Will the new IP pay off?

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jun 10, 2013

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Creating a new multi-console shooter IP has got to be crazy risky today. Fuse is a pretty bold move, but I'm not sure it has the chops to take on the other killer third person shooters out there and stand apart. The campaign was a lot of intense fun---solely designed to be played 2-4 player coop, if solo, it can be a bit lame.

Fuse is a very polished third-person cover shooter. It has great feel for gunplay, a fluid cover system, good voice acting, an intense soundtrack, and a crisp clean finish on the pallet. There are 4 characters for the campaign, each having their own separate special XENOGUN and skill tree to upgrade. The Xenoguns are what make each shooter valuable in the coop experience.

One guy has a MagShield which deploys a shield barrier to absorb enemy fire and can blast his shield for extra dmg. The sniper guy has a grossly powerful sniper rifle. The white chick has a Crystal Gun that can freeze guys and she can deploy health grenades. And the other racially correct female has a Black Hole gun that warps enemies, and she has cloaking abilities. Chaining different xenoguns also detonates explosions for chain-kill bonus XP and damage.

The best part of Fuse is the LEAP ability. You can seamlessly switch to any 4 players in your squad at any time. So you can switch from shield dude to sniper in a second if things get hairy. With a friend, each of you can basically play as 2 characters, creating an awesome game. The bad part is that each character has only 3-4 unique skills to upgrade, all the rest are the same with each player...that was a huge letdown.

Overall the campaign is very long, and it's intense with a lot of action. The variety is there, but I think the story dept. lacked a little, and because of the LEAP, I never truly became attached to the characters. If you like 3PS, check Fuse out for sure, but I would only purchase the game if you have multiple friends to play with online. Note - very hard on achievements.

Milt Drucker

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Eternal's Review

posted by EternalPain0 (ALBRIGHTSVILLE, PA) Jul 25, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

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Now I wasn't really interested in this game at all but decided to check it out since I couldn't find any other new Xbox 360 game. For those who want a quick review this game is not all bad but its not the best either and is just a rent or to wait until the price drop to see how you would like it simple as that.For the longer review im not going to compare it to COD or GOW because all these game are on different playing fields. Putting fuse in its own field the storyline is mediocre but has its own unique charm. There are 4 main character you can choose from each having 1 unique gun. But one of the cool things about this game is you can jump to each character you want during gameplay (dont know how you take that but i for one didn't care for it i stuck with one player the whole game) the control are smooth and tight i had no problem with that control and the gameplay does consist of shooting alot of the same enemy and more and more enemies appears as a way to make the game harder (but again that doesn't bother me) one thing is the enemies you fight do get smarter as it gets harder (they will flank you and not use same tactics)you will be fight in alot of different setting even in space, graphic are stander but i expect that from console games (im a pc gamer) the actor fit each character perfectly and they're personality fits there look as well (i know not many people care about that but been a long time since i can just play a game for the first time and have the feeling there personality match the voice and face and vice verse) Like i said in the begin its not a bad game just don't expect it to be better then the games your use to playing like COD, and don't dismiss it because some people don't like it because some of the rating on here is ridicules and this game don't deserves a 2 or a 1( remeber a 5 is average so anything above a 5 is either alright of a game or a great game)

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Second time around

posted by Billy1234744 (SAMSON, AL) Oct 7, 2013

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I purchased this game when it originally was released, played it and traded it in toward another game. I noticed when you select a different player you can get a different special weapon. I enjoyed this game almost as much the second time I played it as the first, but granted I knew what to expect the second time. It is a good shooter game and interesting from a Sci-Fi perspective. I may even rent it again on down the road and play it from another player angle. My only two complaints about it are, Having to revive the other three team members up close, when they get injured is a bit problematic, granted the others can do it too, but when two or more get injured you probably will have to do that part again. Which brings me to the second thing I did not like, the end of game battle was way too difficult even on easy mode, I had to due it over and over endless times the first time I played the game, until I won. Like someone else said in the reviews, some people like this kind of challenge, but as for myself I do not. I do not play these games to get stressed out, just for fun, that,s why the second time I played the game when I came to the end battle, I said forget it, I,m done, Thanks like always Game-Fly for your service and the opportunities that you present, See Ya! Billy in Samson

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