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Very Good

I love it!

posted by KJB123 (DEBARY, FL) Sep 20, 2014

Member since May 2012

This game is soooo coooool! The game is set up to where you can switch between four different characters with different abilities, but I wont spoil anything for you. The action is very compelling, and reminded me a lot of Mass Effect 3. Simply put... Fuse is an adrenaline rushing, action packed, addictive, under-rated game. This is one of those titles that you should definitely rent, if not buy. I intend on keeping this for a good while. Let me just say you'll have more than one OMG moment! I love the fact that you can choose to level up in different abilities with each character as well, how you can focus on just one or two, or you can do what I did (a jack of all trades) and level up each character. I wouldn't do Fuse any justice attempting to describe the many shoot outs that caused sweaty palms and wide eyed eagerness, never letting up. P.S You definitely want to play this for the online playability (this game is meant for it), but also play the main storyline and the oh so fun Echelon mode, where you take on waaaaves of enemies :D And as always my fellow gamers, always focus on the greatness of a game, not its flaws. - Stay gaming, my friends

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GF Rating


Below Average EVERYTHING

posted by angryarmytony (FAIR OAKS, CA) Aug 3, 2014

Member since Sep 2013

Let's start with the one and only good quality of this game, it has diverse 4 player co op for both split screen and online. That is it's best and only good quality only because games now have drifted from co op and split screen play because apparently "it's not next gen" and Fuse tries to make a stand by giving us this experience. Now on to the bad things, the story on this game is non-existent, characters have background but only if you read their bio which is only one paragraph long each, and since each character on the team as well as bosses are mostly emotionless you find yourself not caring for anyone in the game. Graphically the game is up to par although some of the special weapons seem to have interesting design choices that just make it look odd and hard to take seriously. Though there is a level up system it is the bare bones of one, every character has their own skill tree but the perks do little to nothing to help you and you will feel relatively un-advanced by the end. Speaking of endings, you will discover the game is remarkably short, completed in under 6 hours by myself and less than 5 hours with a friend along with a disappointing ending the only joy I found in the ending was the fact that it was over. Fuse is a disappointing game that is only enjoyable if you have someone to share the misery with while playing.

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GF Rating


Fuse by tyler

posted by Tyizhi_209 (JACKSON, CA) Apr 24, 2014

Member since Oct 2013

Abilities in a shooter always a plus, I love it.
The idea of fuse and the story line was enjoyable.
The team base game play is somewhat refreshing.

Fairly limited amount of upgrades, alot of using your one ability(per person of 4) and shootin.

It was a cool game new bright ideas, worth the time to check out for sure.

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