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GF Rating


End boss ridiculously hard

posted by cscalfani (LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA) Jun 1, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

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A mediocre game with an end boss that wasn't worth the effort it takes to beat him. The game ramps up the difficulty at the tail end. Was challenging but became impossible in the last battle.

When will developers stop "cheating" by making the boss so impossible to fight, that all you do is spend time running away trying not do die. Do they really think this is a reasonable approach to game design. Let's increase the play time by making this boss really really hard.

As others have said, the AI is terrible. In fact, it is the terrible AI that added to the difficult ending. Unless you spend 50% of your time healing your teammates they will die because they're tactics are so stupid and you will lose. Strangely enough, the AI for the bosses is genius compared to your teammates.

Another terrible thing about this game is all of the team perks that you never get (I played by myself). I got 2 out of something like 20 possible perks.

The skills upgrades are pretty lame to. I'd spend skill points on upgrades because I was trying to unlock the next level not because I wanted the skill upgrade.

If I had a better game in my queue I'd have sent this game back sooner. If you want to try this game out, wait until your queue is empty then send it back as soon as another game comes in the mail.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Uninspired Shooting.

posted by McPhaddie (OMAHA, NE) May 29, 2013

Member since Dec 2009

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

This truly feels uninspired. It's kind of fun with friends, but is incredibly lame on your own. Go here, push Triangle. How often do you have to open, pickup, hack things. It really bogs down the game. It could have been soooo much better. There is the possibility of so much here. Switching on the fly between characters, co-op being a blast and not a chore. The worst news is they plan to make a franchise out of this??? I expected much more from Insomniac & EA.
Graphics feel a bit dated for the most part. Some nice visuals here and there.
Gameplay is really not that much fun. You pick up a fun looking gun, but have to drop it a couple of minutes later as you move to the next area. Why give us something that is fun and just take it away. Quit making us hit the Triangle button so frequently.
AI of both your enemies and your unoccupied teammates is just lousy. It reminds me of a game from a decade ago, but without the fun of those games.
Style is just generic in all aspects of this game. Seriously it just looks and feels like you have done and seen pretty much everything before, but it's not as good.
Worth a rent with friends and not much more.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Everthing about this game Sucked!

posted by GreyFox4715 (SAINT CLOUD, FL) May 28, 2013

Member since Mar 2012

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I see now why this game didn't get alot of hype from gaming websites like Ign and others. Horible game I promise you! A.I is good for nothing but to revive you. You can level up to unlock abilities but they really weren't anything special. Guns were not up to par. Basically everything the developers put in the game to try and make it unique were flawed and boring. do not invest in a buy or rental slot for this game. You won't miss out on anything.

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