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posted by Boomer689 (DUMFRIES, VA) Mar 17, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

Personally, I didn't even get into this game. I believe for a game to be entertaining you should not have a good 10 minutes of cinematics for every 5 minutes of action which is how it works out for the first chunk of the game. I am also a fan of the actual show, which made me a bit harsher on the scenes since as the characters show, the things they had been doing overlap the show while trying to say its different. I give this a 5 at best.. It could have been done much better.

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License to Ill

posted by Shinzakura (ASHBURN, VA) Oct 14, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

Okay, it was clear that someone at the manga department of Square-Enix (aka the Japanese publishers of FMA) were looking to make a fast buck. Why else would they take a oversimplified third-party game, retrofit it to the FMA world, and toss it out there?

Admittedly, there are some good things about the game - the translation of the script was spot on in many cases, and they covered cultural points very well. Of course the animation, created by BONES to match the anime, in concert with Funimation's English voice actors made for a match with what those familiar with the English dub have seen before.

But most people don't play these games to see how well the text port went or to do nothing but watch dubbed sequences - they play it to see how well the game play goes down. And go down well it did not.

For starters, the difficulty curve was off. The game was easy for the majority of the game, but then once you started moving towards the final act of events did the programmers decide to make up for it - by ramping up the difficulty far more than necessary. Boss battles were another issue to consider: some of them were easy enough that they could have qualified as minibosses elsewhere, while some of them felt like bonus bosses, the kind that you slug at forever to get that one special item.

Statbuilding was too simplistic. Hefting only two items which had minimal effect to the characters, did not making things worthwhile - I only switched items a handful of times, making the grand majority of the items I was carrying dead weight. For a game that has RPG elements, it seemed that, again, it was tacked on for no other reason than to just look cool.

The graphics were outdated. This looked more like a game at the height of the PS1's excellence, not something that belongs on the PS2 at its stride.

In short, play the game if you're an FMA fan, but for gaming perfection, play a REAL Sqare-Enix game. The equivalent exchange of the FMA license is one weak experience.

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Rent Before Buying.

posted by Inkudu (CENTERVILLE, WA) Sep 28, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

This game would be a good way for most people to waste a day. Waste being the operative word. The game never changes from the very first. Powers don't change, characters don't change, monsters sorta change.

Save yourself some aggravation and just hold onto your game controller while watching the cartoon. The animation, playability and story will be much better.

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