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GF Rating


"This is the equivalent change I get..."

posted by TatsuJin (SAN MARCOS, CA) Jun 21, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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This game should have been also created as a movie because the plot is a sidestory yet it chronicled into the two boys' lives and their journey to find the Philosopher's Stone. The story does fits into the storyline of Full Metal Alchemist thus it takes place between episode 17 and 18. If you are a hardcore fan of FMA and want to expand your likeness of the anime then you should play this game. The game's cutscene is in animation, containing many clips created just for the game. So you won't see those cutscenes in the anime of FMA. The gameplay is somewhat good. There a lot of objects to transmute them into weapons or things that'll help you in battle.

There are lot of good things about this game. It is the first game to uilised in 3D. I like how I can transmute many things that were available to me. It's fun to transmute a block to defend yourself and also transmuting a spike to stab your enemies. The cutscenes are the ones that really shines. They 're fun and interesting to watch and spot many of your favorite characters from the series.

I didn't like the part where everytime I'm in low HP, I had to go to the items menu and start using the healing items. This loses a little fun of the real time combat that you will be experience, when you play the game. The graphics are alright but it could have done better. The bossess were too easy but if you didn't figure out they're weakness in time then it'll get harder to come by to defeat your enemy.

Final thoughts:
Full Metal Alchemist and the Broken Angel is good game. I gave it a 7 because it wasn't nearly a great game or nearly a bad game, it was just a good game to play. Great game to play if you're fan of the anime series and want to see more of Ed and Al's journey.

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GF Rating

Above Average

for the fullmetal fans...

posted by Knosty (FAIRBORN, OH) May 11, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

to get the full effect of this game you must be a fan of the animated series. i love the show so i love this game but i wont allow that to effect my rating. the look of the game is nothing spectacular, average at best. Game play is interesting due to the ability to change objects in your environment into powerful or humorous weapons (the combo hammer is a blast, personal best on combos was 324 hits). also the ability to manipulate your bro al to defend you or attack gives the game more weight. re-play value is more geared towards the anime fans for your rewards are video clips and pieces of art on your second pass through the game. the story is a little above average, but gets dull due to excessive conversation between characters. its a decent 20 hours of action rpg, worth a try if you don't watch the series, but a must play if your a fan.

game play- 7 transmute multiple weapons, decent combos
story line- 6 to much conversation, want more action
re-play- 5 play again to win clips and art
look- 5 based off an anime, not meant to be great
multiplayer- n/a

overall-5.75 (7-8 if your a fan of the tv series)

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GF Rating


Equivalent Exchange? Uh-huh, suuuure.

posted by Kainen (LANSING, MI) Jan 23, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I hate reviews like this. This game was -BAD-. The bottom rung of guys at SquareEnix must have worked hard on this... or the top guys had a bender one weekend and this game was the result. I'll start with the worst part.

The Sound. Oh my... was this made on a Casio keyboard from 1975? It sounds like a bad .midi file or something from my old 16-bit gaming days... Cut scenes are fine. The rest? Obnoxious.

Controls are very basic and almost laughably simplistic.

Gameplay is weak and repetitive.

Level design is boring and lacking any meaningful detail.

I can't write anymore. It makes me too sad.

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