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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

What to do against Scar

When fighting Scar, don't do anything because you are supposed to lose. Don't waste any weapons since he's unstoppable.

How to beat the level 5 Boss

When the Boss sprays out eggs, transmute them before they turn into Gomes.

Full ammunition

When you transmute a weapon that can be leveled up (for example, the shurikens, gauntlets, bombs, etc.), if you use all its ammunition except for one, unequip the item. Level it up and its ammunition will be restore.

Saving items

When fighting Scar for the first time do not bother using up items to keep yourself alive. You are supposed to die.

Ed's name change

Get to where Scar blows off Ed's right arm in Roy's office, when everybody is picking on Ed. After Roy's comment "Useless, positively useless", Ed screams. Look at were Ed's name is supposed to be. It now reads "Useless, bratty, shrimp".

Easy experience

In Chapter 5 at Bord'wan, in certain areas there will be a never ending supply of the floating golems. Some are worth 10 experience points and others worth 80 experience points. This is a good time to train because there is a save point nearby.

Fullmetal Alchemist And The Broken Angel references

Start a new game. In Loir, when you are talking to the person that owns the food place. When the camera goes to Ed and Al, wait a minute. Armory from Fullmetal Alchemist And The Broken Angel will walk by, look at the store, then walk off.

Fullmetal Alchemist And The Broken Angel references

In the first fight against the Cornello Cultists, look in the right alleyway. At the back there is a wanted poster with a character from Fullmetal Alchemist And The Broken Angel.

Remove dialogue display

When characters are talking and there is a dialogue box, hold L3 and it will disappear, allowing you to only hear the character's voices.


There is another cat to the right of the secluded house just before you find Lutinit Havoc. After you hear the gunshots from the door, go out the front (not near the save point). There will be a yellow cat in a box to the right behind a box or trash can.