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Full Spectrum Warrior


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Full Spectrum Warrior

Directional Pad Select individual soldiers
Left Thumbstick Activates Soldier Movement Cursor
Right Thumbstick Camera Control
A Button Issue Command. With the movement cursor out: Tap issues a rush order, and Hold issues a point bound order. With the fire cursor open: Tap issues a point fire order, and Hold issues a suppression fire order.
B Button Tap = Cancel any command issued. Hold = Order soldiers to seek cover.
X Button Tap = Toggle Firing Cursor. Hold = Toggle Grenades: Left Thumbstick changes location of grenade, D-pad Up perfroms Air Strikes and Mortar Strikes, D-pad down uses Frag Grenades, D-pad Right uses Smoke Grenades, and D-pad Down uses M203 Grenades.
Y Button Tap = Cycle between Alpha and Bravo. Hold = If you have a Charlie unit to cycle between Charlie and Alpha.
White Button Call in a report, receive an objective, or get helpful hints
Black Button Opens and Closes the GPS: X Button = Request Recon, Y Button = Help, A Button = Objectives and Hints, and B Button = Exit GPS.
Left Trigger Camera Zoom
Right Trigger Activate Fog of War
Start Menu / Pause Game