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Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Full Spectrum Warrior: 10 Hammers

Directional Pad Select Soldier: Up = Team Leader. Down = Rifleman. Left = Grenadier. Right = Automatic Rifleman.
Left Thumbstick Activate Cursors. Move Cursors. Click to Open Team Select Menu (With Movement Cursor Active). Click to Toggle Grenade Arc Control (With Grenade Cursor Active).
Right Thumbstick Camera Control
A Button Action (Orders Based on Which Cursor System Is Active)
B Button Cancel Action. Close Active Cursor.
X Button Activate Fire Cursor (Press). Access Grenade Cursors Menu (Hold).
Y Button Switch Between Alpha/Bravo Teams
White Button Action 3 Button: Issues Order to Buddy-Team 2
Black Button Action 2 Button: Issues Order to Buddy-Team 1
Left Trigger Zoom
Right Trigger Precision Fire
Start Pause Menu
Back Reports Screen