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Above Average

Burnout + Twisted Metal = Full Auto

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Aug 5, 2006

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To put it bluntly, this game is only fun for about a day. Anyone who has played any of the Burnout games has pretty much already played this game, with the exception of the weapons found in Full Auto (not necessarily a bad comparison). It still essentially plays the same, except you can shoot people and drop mines and the like instead of just ramming your enemies into walls. The process and the results remain almost identical, right down to the slow-motion crash cam.

Visually, this game is a bit sharper than any Burnout game so far, but that should be expected considering this is a next-gen game. There are some nice particle effects from explosions and sparks from wall-rubbing and bullets, and the damage to the cars is also pretty impressive. There's a variety of game types, but it mostly boils down to either finishing in first place, or within a certain amount of time, taking out a certain number of enemies, taking out Rivals (specific enemies that are worth more points), achieving a certain number of Wreck Points (which you get by blowing stuff up, like cars or buildings), or a combination of all these objectives. You can unlock more game types, as well as more vehicles, skins, and alternate colors, by playing through the Career Mode.

Ultimately, though, this game just isn't very exciting. If you've ever played Burnout and wished you could shoot the cars, this game is for you. If you really like the Burnout formula and want to play more of it, this game should be fun for you also. If, however, you've played Burnout to the point where you were kind of sick of it or bored with it, this game won't do that much for you.

While there's nothing really "wrong" with this game, there's nothing special either. It's fun for a short time and might be worth a rental for a week or so, and the idea of playing on Live is a selling point for some people, too. Given the Gamefly rating system, this game is only slightly above average - a solid 6.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Full Auto Is All About Visuals.

posted by gamerater (KATY, TX) May 24, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

12 out of 23 gamers (52%) found this review helpful

Story- There Is No Story. Thats Dissapointing

Graphics- The Graphics Make The Game Soo Much Better. (Review 9.0)

Gameplay- Its Amazing Shooting With All These Pimped Cars. Pure Amazing (Rating 9.0)

Overall Review- 8.0
"Its A Game You Play After Your Sick Of PGR3"

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GF Rating


OMG they made a horrible game.....

posted by Halo360 (WINCHENDON, MA) Apr 14, 2006

Member since Jun 2004

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At first i was excited about this title. the may 2005 E3 showings were looking sweet, unfortunately what you see is what you get nothing more. This game couldve rivaled the best but fell short. You get NO STORY MODE, 6 total maps to race on (single or LIVE), and there are 3 gun types and 3 rear types thats it missles,shotguns, and machine guns. No CUSTOMIZED cars limited modes 3 types to play 6 maps only 2 ok to play on and all you unlock is 8 cars MAX, only you get different colors. Its a definate disapointment and i dont recomend this for long time or purchase, but if you want to play for a day or 2 to rack up some achievements its ok. TOO short and repetative same old thing over and over boring. achievements arent easy but are attainable if you need some.

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