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Wow... bad.

posted by Mrolli1 (AMISSVILLE, VA) Sep 22, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

This game is the worst kind of game. Has a few good qualities (graphics, huge world), but, I just got done trying to race a chopper on Pinwheel, and I won but, the game says, "Try harder next time."... um? Why? I won, I shouldn't need to try harder. Then I discovered, that the game won't let you win that race. I re-ran the race 3 times in a row (and won all 3 times) , and it keeps saying.. "try harder..", so I tried as hard as I could to put the game back in the envelope, and get to my mailbox as fast as possible. Guess, what? I won. Codemasters? I think not. Masters don't allows bugs that big into a game.

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Good Idea Gone Wrong

posted by CBiscuit (KANSAS CITY, MO) Sep 8, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

Fuel is an Arcade Racer that boasts 5000 miles of rendered terrain. This is impressive but it fails to make up for flaws and lack of creative game play.
I'll start with the good.

The graphics are pretty good, not great, but when you considered 5000 miles of terrain it is pretty good.

Fuel was smart and instead of making you search for each event you can just jump to them from the menu. Thank god otherwise it would be interminable.

Now for the bad

The music is annoying, and repeats a lot. Engine sounds don't convey a lot of power. In a way this is not a problem because the vehicles don't have a lot of power. This is my biggest gripe with the game. Vehicles are slow. All of them, the fastest I could get out of the fastest one was 124 mph, and I was not able to sustain the speed for more than a couple seconds. Also you will have trouble going up hill, and even a shallow hill will result in a severe drop in speed. You would think that a game with such a huge map and such emphasis on off road driving would have fast vehicles to get across the map.

A couple improvements that would just make the game more fun is a boost function, and some sort of weapon system, (since it is a post-apocalyptic setting).

Don't buy this game. I was excited about it and put about five hours into it before it bored me. Rent it if you need to find out for yourself, but don't waste your money. You are much better off with games like motorstorm, and pure.

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Really Bad

World Game Reviews

posted by Ps3Critic6 (PARK HILLS, MO) Aug 11, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

I give this game a 40.2 out of 200
"This game is not a very good game for those who like racing games, I myself just about hate this game."- Jacob-World Game Reviewer

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