Rent Fuel for Xbox 360
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good game

posted by kylefire (WINCHENDON, MA) Jun 6, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

10 out of 13 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

why does everyone complain when they get a game they dont want this game is awesome 5000 miles of open land making it largest game in the world graphics are nasty

people complain because there car dosent work on different terrain well thats your fault look at the vehicles stats before u buy it also its just fun to drive up sand-dunes in a buggy and a dirt-bike i recommend this game for someone who likes offroading

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GF Rating


Awsome! Pretty much all i expected!

posted by Glitchhawk (FAIRFIELD, CA) Jun 5, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

11 out of 15 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

this game is soooo much fun to play online with some good friends. its just as good as it sounded before it came out.. the game world is gigantic and has soo much scenery that its hard to remember where u were 5 mins ago. me and 2 of my friends have spent hours already just exploring bits and pieces of the world and seeing what it has to offer.

Graphics: 10/10, Reminds me of Battlefield Bad Company only in the racing Genre

Gameplay: 10/10 Each car i have drivin so far has its own unique feel and the different types of terrain are totally noticeable.

sound: 9/10 Sound effects for the cars and the env. are nice. the only reason i gave it 9/10 is it doesnt really have an in-game soundtrack. something u dont really need on 360 :D

Replay ability: 10/10 8000+ sq mi to drive in with over 100,000mi of road? if thats not replayable what is?

bad points:

online u cant see people on ur GPS only ur minimap.
with such a big world it could have had more events. but it still has alot to do.

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GF Rating


It'd be a cool game, 10 years ago.

posted by MessyRTK (OREGON CITY, OR) Jun 21, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

7 out of 11 gamers (64%) found this review helpful


Huge open world (doesn't always make a game good, ie Two Worlds)



Engine/car Sounds are horrible, sounds like they made them in one day.

Music (driving and menu) is awful

The driving is unresponsive and unrealistic (in a bad way)

Huge open world littered with trees and other things to stop your vehicle when off roading, which is extremely annoying with practically nothing to do.

Even the slightest slopes will stop your dirt bike in its tracks, takes the fun out of the whole open world adventure...

Unrealistic vehicles that you cannot customize at all. (besides preset paint jobs)


When I saw this game I was thinking "oh fun! A free roam off road driving game Something I can hill climb with my buddies and maybe customize my vehicles and show them off a bit...." Not at all what the game offers.

What I got was a couple hours of boredom, and to my horror these hills, no, slight bumps in the grass would bring my vehicle to a halt, and ruin all the fun of climbing with friends, Atleast make it realistic codemasters....

I am a big fan of Driving games (simulation, and arcade) I think this game is about the worst I've seen on 360 so far...

My advice stick to forza, or midnight club, this game has nothing good to offer for the 360 driving game genre.

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