Rent Fuel for Xbox 360
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GF Rating


Waste of time

posted by racer113 (PHOENIX, AZ) Jul 8, 2009

Member since May 2008

When I got this game I was exicited becouse I thought it would be like Motorstorm. But I thought wrong.

1. The grapichics were great at times at certentracks.
i thought the day and night thing was cool but then somtimes your ride will turn purple or a wierd color.

2. The physics are ony good on the ATV or quad. but when your on the motorcycle the rider is stiff and does not move right how you should ride in real life. like how Mx vs atv unleashed did on the playstation 2.

3 they had the dumbest vehicles all of them were like sqare. They also did not look real.

4. This game is realy frustrating becouse you have to win every race to get past it. You also have to beat every event on every dificultly.

5. You have to use the analog stick to do a trick. So it gets very annoying.

Just to save some time wait until Mx vs atv reflex comes out on December 1 2009. or just don't play this game play something else.

This game is no worth playing.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Quite good actually.

posted by GAMEFISH (OOLTEWAH, TN) Jul 7, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

While the game lacks the control and the speed of MotorStorm, it makes up for it with the absence of boundaries while racing. Being able to choose your own path is the essence of the game. And if you can get a few friends together, playing online in free-roam mode can be an absolute blast. My suggestion . . . find the grand canyon and jump off the edge into it. Do it with your friends at the same time and pan the camera around during freefall. Stuff like this is why we play games! One more suggestion . . . if you have the means, try out the PC version. The graphics are beautiful!

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GF Rating


In the end, just ... meh

posted by aggrazel (MAINEVILLE, OH) Jul 6, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

So I really wanted to like this game. I thought the idea of having this vast landscape to explore would be awesome. I am a fan of 'post-apocalyptic' type games and racing games. It seemed like a great idea. I almost bought the game in the store I was so pumped about it.

Geez, am I glad I waited for Gamefly to send it to me.

This game is the most solid 5 I've ever given. The game isn't bad, but it isn't good. I think the worst part is that I can see several easy ways the game could have been made better. A few more months in development could have made this game a truly epic title. It just seems like the team focused so much on the game engine being able to have such a large amount of terrain that they forgot to include the fun.

Don't get me wrong, the races are, races. They're fun ... I guess. But nothing out of the ordinary. The control is mediocre, the graphics are mediocre, the vehicle selection is mediocre. The game was tedious.

I'm sorry. I wanted to love the game, but the developers just seemed to focus on making a really big world. I liked the idea, but the execution failed. This title had the potential to be one of the greatest racing games yet created, but instead it's going back to gamefly after being at my house for less than a week.

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