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Burnout Doesn't Do So Well Off Road

posted by Timmyttops (Rindge, NH) Jun 29, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

16 out of 19 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

I've spent a few hours with Fuel. I tried to like it. I WANTED to like it. The problem is, as I try to look at details of the game to find something redeeming, I just find more and more stuff that annoys me.

First off the first thing I noticed: Graphics. This game could have come from the PS2. The vehicles are pixelated and muddy. The tire smoke effect is generic. Nothing about the presentation really made me excited. The cars don't take damage. Crashes go to a cut scene that cuts them very short. Even the day/night cycles are cool, but a long way from "beautiful."

The Gameplay: The controls go between arcade at best and infuriating at worst. It feels EXACTLY like the burnout series, which is good. In a populated city with lots of traffic going by at ridiculous speeds. In wide open wasteland? Nah. It does not make the transition well. It's very difficult to keep some vehicles heading the way you want them to be because the drifts don't really turn the car that well. It just goes sideways in the middle of the screen and plows into whatever you would have plowed into even if you hadn't done anything.

I know I just bashed this game to kingdom come, but there is some to like, buried in this know.

Some of the races are exciting, and narrowly missing obstacles dead sideways at 100mph will always be fun.

This game is based on an awesome idea. It just falls sooooo short, that I could never justify telling someone to spend money on it.

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WAY better than expected!

posted by 321GOGOGO (EDINBURG, IL) Jun 8, 2009

Member since Jun 2006

34 out of 42 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

After reading some of the mediocre reviews, I was skeptical on whether or not to still get this from Gamefly.

I'm so glad I decided to have them ship it!

I just don't understand the medioccre reviews at all! Especially IGN's review. So much that it's like they didn't even play the same game.

The graphics are so much better than I was expecting for this HUGE world. The vehicle, the environment, the extreme weather (yes it has extreme weather during online freeroam...just not tornados), all look fantastic!

Some reviews have said the environment looks barron. What? Are they kidding me? This is about as far away from "barron" as you can get.

With the mixture of offline and online freeroaming, career races and challenges, the online races, this game will keep anyone occupied for MONTHS.

Similar in design to Test Drive: Unlimited, the game requires players to search the world to open up new career races, new challenges, and new "Vista Points"...there are over 90 Vista Points scattered thru this HUGE 5,560 square mile World. Vista Points are basically places with great views of the World you are in. And it seems that a lot of online players like to meet up at Vista if you are looking for a crowd, that's where ya look.

Guinness World Records even awarded Codemasters an award for FUEL...for creating the largest World ever, for a video game.

The fun factor is extremely high! I've played for hours just online freeroaming, meeting up with other players and chatting, and going offroad'n and exploring. Tryin' to do steep downhill races with players thru thick forest is really fun!

I just can't say enough how much I love this game!

This is by far, the best offroading (and onroading) game I've ever played!

World so big, so many vehicles to unlock and buy, so many things a player can do...even creating your own races, anywhere in the 5,560 square miles...and many options.

What an amazing game! I'll be buying this from Gamefly!

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I dont Get it?

posted by Chevrolet (MOUNT VERNON, IL) Jun 8, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

29 out of 36 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

I just want to say this is my first ever review, I had to break one out to defend this game, this may not be the most realistic or perfect game, but It is tonssss of fun! I will admit when I first started it up, I wasn't too impressed, but when you get going and start free roaming, unlocking new vehicles, its lots of fun. The area is huge!!! Its got day/night cycles, same with weather, rain, snow, storms, tornadoes, even in free roam. I myself think the game has great graphics during the day time! At night its real hard to see though. I would really recommend this game! May not have realistic vehicles, I didn't like any of the ones that you have to start with, but you really do unlock some great looking and driving ones! Bottom Line I would rate it as this:

Graphics- 8 The game really does look great if you pay attention to details, weather, jets and planes that fly by, theres tons of great looking hills and moutains and you can climb them all!!

Sound-6 Just because I didnt like the music much, but I always turn that off anyways to hear my engine

Gameplay-8 Races are pretty neat, but online free roaming is amazing! Whats better than going offroading in a 5,000 sq ft. open area with your buddies through rivers, creeks, fields, over hills, moutains, and forests? Especially in Monster Trucks, four wheelers, dune buggies, dirt bikes, semi's, muscle cars, and on and onn... One thing that does stink is loading times when you first start the game, or after races and such, but you can drive around forever and change your vehicle at any time without loading screens, which makes up for it from me..

Overall I give it a 9 because its obviously not perfect, But is a great game and I didn't even rent it, I just bought it!

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