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Mixed feelings thus far

posted by Paladin76 (MALAKOFF, TX) Jun 28, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

32 out of 37 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Not sure what I think about Fuel thus far, at times I really like it and at times I can't stand it.

The graphics go from awesome to out dated with a change of a map or race. For the most part the graphics appear to be extremely grainy and last generation, but then certain areas are very well done.

This game starts off very slow, you do not have many cars to pick from or many races. All the starting vehicles are EXTREMELY slow. Yes it may say you are going 100 MPH but it feels like you are going 30. If you are use to playing games like Burnout (any of them) or Motorstorm you will feel like you are moving at a snails pace.

If you stick with it, the game opens up, the maps get better and the cars get faster........then the other issues arrive.

In order to open up more areas of the map and to get more cars you have to win races. Not second or third, that just tells you what a loser you are, you have to win, anything less is nothing more than a waste of your time. So to do this you have to repeat the race three times in each difficulty level, this gets old, boring and frustrating very fast.

Now the awesomely fun part of this game is when you are allowed to go off road, the game really shines when you can cut across a field to beat your rival, but most the time just straying 2 feet of the path will lead to your car being bogged down and unable to move.

Other issues that get to me are, Monster Trucks DO NOT perform like monster trucks. They are EXTREMELY slow, can't handle off road, and wreck when you run into a bush. Monster trucks should be able to go through or over anything!!! Fast pavement cars slide off the road way too much, the slightest turn if you are not careful will send you into the ditch or spinning out of control.

Starting out in last place on every race stinks! ALL the racers ahead of you have a insta boost that shoots them 200 to 500 meters ahead of you so you have to play catch up the entire time.

Grr out of characters!

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Goliath913 (MIDDLETOWN, DE) Jun 6, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

33 out of 39 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

I bought it from gamestop the day it came out and have been playing it so much. I even rented it from gamefly for my brother to play with me and he loves it as much as i do.

This game has a LOT of customization for the driver and a decent amount of paint for the vehicles. There are a lot of vehicles too.

I don't know why everyone is giving it such bad reviews, this is one of the best outdoor racing games I have played. I have a lot of fun driving with friends. I highly suggest you to check this game out.

The only thing i can complain about this game is the horrible music.
I just connect my mp3 player and it's all good.

I am a very satisfied customer and i wrote my review a few days after I have been playing it and some people wrote theirs when they havent played it very much. I guess its just not for some people.

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Good idea, poor execution.

posted by Parioh (GRAND JUNCTION, CO) Jul 22, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

The idea behind this is fantastic. Reading the back, it has a very Madmax feel to it. But the extent of 'fuel' usage was currency.

Also seeing that 'many come from all over the world with homemade vehicals' or something to that effect.. i was ready for great customization, but its all stock.

Even with the listed flaws, what really killed the game for me was the lack of control of whatever you're driving. Gas, brake, lean... its almost a 3d excitebike. It looks decent, except for the not feeling like you're going the 100 mph that it tells you you are.

Good idea, but the game is trash, Sorry folks

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