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Frontlines: Fuel of War


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Frontlines Fuel of War

posted by creaper6 (DIXON, CA) Mar 3, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

This was a pretty good game, love the arsenal but hate how slow it is. took only a couple hours to beat but would definitely go back and replay levels. online play was pretty weak, I give it a "C" for effort though, Not near as sweet as Call of Duty 4. See you all there, Creaper6 OUT!

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Nice game

posted by Holeshot75 (IRON STATION, NC) Mar 3, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

I was very dissapointed with frontlines multiplayer. Games are extremely laggy and half of the time you cant hardly find a game. On the other hand the single player story was nice, It was very short, but i enjoyed it while it lasted.

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Forgettable single player - excellent multiplayer

posted by MikeF73 (NORWALK, CT) Mar 2, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

The single player campaign is short, easy, and not that entertaining. Consider it a training ground for the real game - the online multiplayer.

Everybody compares this game to Battlefield 2, and it's obvious why - the style of play is very much the same. The maps range from smallish to absolutely huge, and you can adjust your style of play accordingly. Some maps are made for vehicles, others for infantry, and the biggest can be dominated by air power.

The key is capturing your enemy's control points to move the front forward. Unlike in Battelfield 2, you can't capture an objective that is behind enemy lines - you need to take the forwardmost points first. This concentrates the action on the front lines and makes it less necessary to guard areas at the back of the map, one of the things that annoyed me most in BF2.

The game is fast-paced and you'll find yourself running, driving, or flying around quite a bit. Sometimes you'll find a bunch of kiddies online camped out in towers pretending to be uber-snipers, but that's ok because while they may get a few kills here and there, the game is really about capturing control points. And campers will soon find themselves overrun as the front moves past them.

Teamwork is critical. One or two people attacking a defended point won't get the job done. If you want to be effective, you need to attack in force, and with a variety of weapons and armor. If you join up with a squad, you can also use the team leader as a mobile respawn point.

Drones are a nice addition to the game as well. You can control a flying or rolling robot that can perform recon, blow up a tank, or take out a sniper. They're especially deadly in the close-quarters city maps.

On the downside, the servers can be a little flaky and it's sometimes hard to get into a match on one of the dedicated servers. They're promising to get this fixed, and to increase the player limit on the big maps to 50. I can't wait.

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