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posted by DaMikeSC (COLUMBIA, SC) Mar 10, 2008

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In this game, you are in the midst of the post peak oil world, where oil reserves are on the steady decline and war is becoming more and more necessary to try and get control of the remaining oil reserves. Truly, an upbeat and happy little tale to base a game upon, no?

You are trying to defeat the Russian to allow you and the Chinese to engage in a final battle for control of the needed oil reserves of the world.

Kaos Studios has produced one of the single most intensively enjoyable gaming experiences you will face this year. It is an incredibly objective-based gameplay model which is an absolute blast to play. You always have something to do --- usually multiple objectives at once --- and it's ultimately your option as to what objective you tackle first.

Your AI teammates are decent. Not the type you can really rely on, but it is pretty solid and they will actually help you quite a bit. Your enemy AI is also outstanding. They do flank. They do know where to duck down to get a good shot at you. It doesn't feel cheap, but it does feel quite challenging and that is a rarity in gaming.

And the weaponry is a ton of fun. You get the usual assault rifle, but you also get drone vehicles (which are awesome), rail guns, rocket launchers with lock-on functionality, etc. The only real downside I've located is that controlling of the vehicles is a massive headache. This is a minor problem --- you only have one or two missions where vehicles are truly a requirement --- but it should be mentioned.

You can play the game in two VASTLY different ways --- and, in fact, to get all of the achievements, you will have to. You can deal with the objectives in a very tactical and deliberate (no, not slow) pace, but if you want to get the stopwatch achievements, you will have to ALSO try to run-and-gun which makes the game play markedly differently. Equally fun --- just extremely different.

You have to get this game. You really do.

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posted by jwheezy (SPARTA, TN) Mar 3, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

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What can I say? This game is very fun and compelling. I played the demo and had a blast. All I play are first person shooters, and it takes a lot to keep my attention. This games definitely does. I never play the single player side of games, but this one is one of the best I've played in awhile. One of the best features this game offers is the Drone class. This lets you deploy and control drones (robots) to fly/drive around the battlefield and shoot your enemies. This is very fun in multiplayer. The use of tanks and helicopters in multiplayer is very useful and fun, as well. I suggest purchasing this game if you are a fan of Call of Duty 4 or any other FPS games. HAVE FUN!!

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massive battles on xbox 360

posted by night1 (JOHNSTOWN, PA) Feb 27, 2008

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i love that fact now with this game it gives the feel of huge battlefield mre so then battlefield modern combat did on the 360 this game is up there with battlefield on the pc if your a huge battle kind of person grab this game ts got it all

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