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Im gonna get killed for this

posted by denny417 (GLEN ELLYN, IL) Feb 28, 2008

Member since Jun 2006

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Yea,many of you will hate me but it is my true opinion. Nobody has been able to go into great depth with this game but i just don't see it has amazing...the single player is much like assasnins creed,good at first but once you beat it you wont play it again the multi is where i have been and so far so good it plays alot like a pc game with fun vehicle interaction and many player slots. A flaw that is very fixable and predictable with this game is lag.....alotta players=lag.but i don't get too much of it soo it is enjoyable.

My recommendation is depending if you have xbox live or not.If you do then this is worth the buy the multi player for me is a 9 out of 10

Non live gamers rent it, you wont be too happy with the single player because it wont last you too long....all in all good game but the single player just isn't as good as the multi player which will give it a 7

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Very Good

A good multiplayer and a tacked-on single player

posted by ZackyCakes (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Mar 2, 2008

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If you like shooters, this is a must rent. The multiplayer is very deep. It reminds me of Shadowrun, in the good ways. You have to work together to win in multiplayer. But better graphics and slightly better weapons.

Single player consists of only six real levels, split into two halves with a few objectives. I like how the battle is very open. You choose what objectives to do and (sometimes) the order you do them. I beat it on Normal in one day with only 5 total respawns. Hard isn't much harder, though I love my FPS-es.

The control scheme is like Halo, and you can't change it to be like COD or Gears. You can't change much about the controls and some of the vehicles control pretty wonky.

Rent this game after you've tried all the great March releases, but do rent it.

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For battlefield 2 fans

posted by MrFluffy (STERLING, VA) Mar 1, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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This game is a good design for a first person shooter, but it lacks in a few key areas to make it strike me as a GREAT game. I do like the open environments and the opening cinematic certainly got me in the mood to go kill for oil, but something about the control scheme and the mechanics just struck me as mediocre. Actually shooting in this game feels very akward, almost like you're shooting a weak gun without recoil and the enemies just seem to absorb the bullets. The feedback system just lacked any sort of realism. The visuals were beautiful as well, but the AI system just seemed so weak. Enemies will run across open fields to shoot at you while team mates will wander back in forth in front of you, and sometimes just teleport to objectives when they started off way behind you.

Achievements appear to be simple and easy too. My first playthrough of the first level scored me three achievements. One for finishing the level on Normal or above, one for finishing it without dying, and one for finishing it under par time. Getting all three on my first playthrough while I was still just learning the game gives me the impression that the rest of the game is going to be super easy as well.

The huge plus side is the story line and some key multiplayer features. The ability to choose which objective you wished to pursue first was great, but some of the HUD elements left your screen feeling cluttered in the process. (every time an enemy appeared on your screen a blinking red circle shined around their heads. some of the larger groups were just unsightly!)

Vehicle control was also very akward. When riding in the back of a vehicle turret, you also DRIVE the vehicle. (Much like the warthog from halo but like you're in the gunner seat) The biggest downfall is sometimes you want to drive foreward and shoot towards each side of the vehicle... unfortunately you cant. you either drive where you're pointing, or you drive away.

Good story, but controls suck...

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