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Really Bad

Deviation from the series, and a bad one

posted by dutchman (OAKLAND, CA) Dec 29, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

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While the previous entries in the series were all turn based strategic games and this is a FPS, I had hoped that some of the feel or strategic element would persist. I was wrong.

This is Call of Duty: Giant Robot Warfare.

This game requires quick twitch reflexes and a lot of button mashing. Even the wanzers are ridiculously fast. You never get the sense that you are in a large steel machine. One part of the enjoyment in the previous titles was the ability to control whole squads with different roles. In this, your AI teammates are universally useless. You are the only useful member and you are unable to really specialize in a role. You need to be equipped to handle long range, close range, and melee combat because your teammates can't be counted on to provide any of those roles.

Even as a shooter goes it is pretty mediocre.

I can't recommend this to anyone.

It doesn't play like a strategic RTS. It doesn't play like a giant robot "mechwarrior" style game. It does play like a poor version of Halo. If you are looking for something like that, just go play Halo or one of the good FPS games.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Armored Cor... I mean Front Mission Evolved

posted by ninsalvati (MARIETTA, GA) Nov 11, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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The game as a whole is ok... My biggest gripe is that they made it an action game instead of leaving it a Strategy game. If I wanted an action mecha game, I'd play Armored Core. Which this basically is, only it has missions where you have to get out of your Wanzer.

If you're a Die Hard Front Mission fan and don't care that it's not a strategy game, or if you just like any game involving giant robots, you'll probably enjoy this game. I personally feel that making it an Action/Adventure game detracted from what made the game awesome in the past.

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GF Rating


Front Mission

posted by Hays21 (STREATOR, IL) Jan 21, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

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Definately not like the other Front Mission games. The campaign is fun and there are a lot of customizable options. The online could be cool if you had the game when it first came out. When i tried to play the online, the people i played with were all high levels and had better weapons, armor, and equipment. I had a hard time killing anybody and in some cases my guns were too weak to even hurt other peoples mechs. Overall Good game to rent for the single player.

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