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GF Rating

Above Average

Decent little hack and slasher, but not that deep

posted by geldonyeti (BATTLE GROUND, WA) Oct 6, 2008

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On the up side, From The Abyss has a lot of art assets and a technically solid execution. It's a well-executed monster-killing romp in the vein of Sword Of Mana or maybe Diablo.

On the down side, there's not much to From The Abyss. Run around and hack things, collect loot, return to town to sell, ect. There's little here that has been done better elsewhere already.

The DS touch screen is integrated in a sort of kludgy way - better used when manipulated by the fingers than dragging out the stylus every time you need it. It's not exactly useless, but it seems redundant.

Overall, From The Abyss is not a game I'd buy. Too simple - I like deeper fare. Fortunately, if one keeps pumping those ATK points at level up, they can clear rooms pretty quickly and consequently the game goes fast enough that its lack of depth isn't as much a factor. Decent romp if you've the time to burn.

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GF Rating


Limited replay value

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Sep 29, 2008

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This game is good enough for an action RPG. The supposed replay value is almost nonexistent, though. The dungeons all look the same no matter what order the rooms are in. Every time you start a new game the monsters are exactly the same and give you the same special attacks. If you really like the game it's worth replaying, but I wouldn't bother.

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GF Rating

Very Good

in short,a game of run for your life

posted by Tvelik (EL CENTRO, CA) Jul 31, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

knowing that you dont really have to defeat your enemies surrounding you,you will be doing this throughout the whole game untill you make it to the boss... unless you want an item thats probobly useless i dont know,ive been playing the DSIware version but im pretty sure their the same from the looks of it,decent rental but not exactly worth a buy unless you want to just have a time killer game,i'd recomend castlevania though,atleast the monsters dont rob you of your weapons in that game when you die

so heres the good and bad

the good:

gameplay: controls nicely

story: so far from what i know its a decent little thing

the bad:

replay value: it can get pretty boring after a while,unless you want all the items than i guess theres some replay value but its not done so well for me

enemies: they either give tons of damage or they just dont get a chance to hit you at all,plus there are tons piled into small areas making it tough to dodge

no shop?: yeah atleast from what i know theres no shop,i know not every game has a shop and all but when it comes to RPG's,they have a shop and this is a RPG isnt it?


the games ok i guess but kinda dissapointing for people expecting it to be zelda or kingdom hearts standards like i was


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