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The Best Bond Yet!

posted by ADH093 (TAKOMA PARK, MD) Jun 17, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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Nightfire was my first real introduction to 007 games, and it struck me as a fairly good and intense game, if somewhat lacking in the think-it-through category. Then I picked up Everything or Nothing, and discovered that Bond looked great in 3rd person. The new view point also made stealth way cooler.
But this game, based on one of my favorite of the Bond movies, is undoubtedly better than both, because not only do we have the TPS view point, we also get the 60s Aston Martin (you know you like it), and enhanced melee combat (we've apparently moved past the days of left-right-left hooks). We also get the new Bond zoom to demonstrate the fact that Bond is way cooler than you ever imagined. This will be brought home to you the first time you take out a whole crowd of nasties by shooting a grenade on one of your enemy's belts.
Also, we get Sean Connery back, as in the movie, which certainly enhances the experience. The game also follows the movie's plot pretty closely, although don't expect the extent of your boss fight to be pinning an old lady to a wall with a chair until she gets shot.
Definitely worth the time it takes to beat. 9 of 10. Bond, James Bond.

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Very Good

from russia with love

posted by ledz543 (BEND, OR) Apr 27, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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this game is the latest installement of the james bond series for gamecube to date... and maybe the last with the introduction revolution coming soon. it has pretty good graphics but it wasnt fufilling since the james bond franchise has had many chances to update the look and feel of these games. another thing that it lacks is a sturdy multiplayer which is a suprise since the game series is know for good multiplayer the main problem i face with the multiplayer is bots! the previous gamecube james bond games (pre everything or nothing) have all had bots in multiplayer! i thought t hat bots were great but i guess EA thought differently. the whole 3rd person p.o.v. is really taking away from the games these days because the first person was beggining to get pretty good but then EA switched to 3rd person which wasnt the smartest move since james bond goldeneye was the first fps i ever played i always loved james bond games for that. i guess im thust hard to plese. i give this game an 8 out of 10

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Above Average

Please be careful with my Controller S 007!

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Sep 7, 2007

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After EA's release of Everything or Nothing featuring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, the company went in a new direction by using the old Bond. Sean Connery reprises his role, doing voice-over work as James Bond in From Russia with Love, an action title that has some style but little substance. Presentation is really the key selling point here. In addition to the licensing, music and star power (Connery is joined by Natasha Bedingfield and Maria Menounos), the game feels very 007. You get cool secret agent gadgets like the laser watch and sonic cuff links. But the gameplay might seem a little stale. Much of it is similar to Everything or Nothing. In fact it feels like they just took that game and put a new coat of paint on it. True, it does feel like the game handles better than it's predecessor, but animations are still jerky and controls touchy. The weapon selection is somewhat limited and uninspired (shotgun, SMG, silenced pistol, etc.). You do get upgrades, but only a few basic ones with no further upgrading after the first level. Some levels include driving sequences, which control very awkwardly. Graphics, while the faces look good, are overall pretty average, even by 2005 standards. The game is not particularly long. There are four bonus levels, but those aren't particularly long either. There is a four-player multi-player option, which is good because replay value is limited in single-player. It's quite a coup that EA got Connery to do voice-over work as James Bond, but they should have worked a little more on the actual game. It feels like a set piece: looks the part, but just on the surface. It can be fun and engaging, but only for a little while.

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