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Very Good


posted by champ20 (ROYSE, TX) Dec 21, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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The game is pretty fun I'll give it that. But the only reason I didn't rate it higher was because. I thought it got too hard just a little too fast. If it had waited another one or two races before getting really hard like it did it would've gotten a nine from me. I mean you can pick from a ton of different people. And all their sick bikes. And it's realistic. I know that because I've been racing dirt bikes for five years. The only thing that isn't realistic is the turbo which isn't possible in dirt bike racing. But still I like it that way. If you want to have fun playing a really challenging game this is the one you gotta get.

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posted by RETARDO (ELKHART, IN) Dec 28, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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Freakstyle is the biggest and most awesomely rediculous dirtbike/racing game I have ever played. The jumps and dropoffs are so high that nothing would survive. (especially not a dirtbike) That is what makes this game sweet!! Jumps that make you nervous because they are so high. I have never had a game make me feel like that. The tricks are awesome and easy to figure out. The controls are easy to learn and natural feeling. I am writing this review because this is still the coolest dirtbike trick/racing game I have ever played since it came out in 2002. If there is something similiar or with bigger/better jumps I haven't found it. This is one of those cases where not being realistic makes the game. If you like big freaking jumps and cool tricks then you should rent this game. Also, the graphics are pretty good for PS2. Rent it, or you could just get the PS2 emulator and the rom of the game for free. Oops!!

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not very good

posted by venom96 (LEANDER, TX) Oct 8, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

i just didnt like this game. its so unreal, the tracks are wierd, the bikes, everything. i realy didnt like it. now if you just wanna screw around game this ones ok, but if you want a real motocross game, go get mx unleshed.

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