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Freddi Fish: Kelp Seed Mystery

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This "Mystery"'s too simple, too short.

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 12, 2008

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Freddie Fish: Kelp Seed Mystery is from the same guys that gave you Spy Fox: Dry Cereal - only much less content.
Okay, I admit that the characters in Freddie Fish are more appealing for young kids than the plain Spy Fox, but the mystery of the Kelp Seed is too simple for most players.
All of the obstacles in this game are object based. To which I mean, each obstacle can be cleared by finding the right item and placing the item on top of the obstacle.
Bingo. The problem is solved, and you go on to the next part of the game.
To make matters worse, this game is on the short side - I've got a gut feeling most kids will finish this game in two hours (or less). Once the game's over, there's no reason to give it another go.
Besides, there is a lot of wasted characters here. First, there's the Squidfather, some sort of crime lord who you never meet. Then, there's two dumb sharks that talk with you for a short scene near the end of the game.
In fact, each of the characters Freddie and his pal meet show up for only a short period of time; there's no real character development and no real flow of plot. You go from one obstacle to the next until you find the kelp seed and end the game.
That's too bad; given half a chance, these characters could be great, and Freddie and his friend make a great pair of heroes.
And there's a really good shooting game where you feed a bunch of fish. That's a real shame.
If you're a kid hungry for some point and click adventure, go for Spy Fox: Dry Cereal and skip this half hearted title.

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An entertaining game that is really, really short.

posted by empathy4u (STEVENS POINT, WI) Oct 24, 2008

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As an adult, I knew a young kids game like this wouldn't take long for me to play though, but I was surprised at just how quick it was. It only took 30 minutes and that included watching the cutscenes. I've played other Freddi Fish and similar games on PC and while they are always easy, this one seemed to be easier than the rest.

The real test came when my six year old played the game. He played a bit when the rental disc came and finished it the next day. He didn't need any help while playing. The total time was just over an hour.

Nothing changes or varies within the storyline, so there is no replay value. Definitely a fun game for a little kid to rent, but not something a parent would want to buy for keeps.

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Really Bad

Nothing going for it

posted by meltdown33 (BOTHELL, WA) Sep 16, 2008

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My four year old was disappointed to find out that this is EXACTLY the same as the PC version. No variation whatsoever. Extremely disappointing.

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