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Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon


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GF Rating

Very Good

Fragile Dreams Such Emotionally...

posted by Kingdom128 (PEMBROKE PINES, FL) Apr 24, 2010

Member since Jul 2008

I kinda like this game because it's such very emotionally and fun game. Here is my rankings.

Graphics - 10/10.
Nothing said about the graphics. It looks amazing.

Gameplay- 7/10
Somehow it's a bit hard for me to move. However, while fighting ghosts, it is hard to avoid attacks and move around quickly.

Characters - 9/10
I really like the design and their personality. However, I want it more interesting characters. Good thing I gave it 9.

Story- 7/10
Nothings really interesting. All you have to do is run, rest, but items or sell, do what the mission told you to do and do same thing over and over.

Fighting Style- 8/10
I gave it an 8. Don't ask.

Overall rankings- 41/50

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GF Rating

Above Average

a big MEH

posted by crisisaliv (BELLEVUE, WA) Apr 8, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

I rented fragile dreams on a wim, i like anime, or at least a good deal of them. so lets break it down

Graphics 9/10
really an engrossing visual appeal, the characters are well made and backgrounds are astonishing, very detailed and polished especially for wii. however i dock a point because the animations are really stiff during game play.

music 5/10
the music is great, but theres barely any in it, you'll be listening to silence and sound effects most of the way through

cinematics 5/10
the voice actings horrible for English, you wont make it through the story unless you swap to Japanese, aside from that some of the memories are... interesting, some even gripping, but over all meaningless, and the main character is kind of a joke... theres not much back story to him so you spend the whole time fishing for items to find back story of people who had.... lets say.... more interesting stories than seta. as a whole i think that the majority of the storytelling is flat, i consider cut scenes, simply spoke or action, as the heart of the story telling, and ill say, they failed. it feels like the made the landscapes and characters and then ran out of money for decent voice overs sound effects and good music for the cut scenes

game play 6/10
not much to say hack and slash your way through and fill it with meaningless stuff...

over all- 6/10
the end of the world is an epic story line, they chose not to make it epic, sure walking in silence for a bit and looking at the deserted planet is cool for the first 3 hours... but after they start introducing more... characters... it becomes irritatating, even after a while, fighting feels more than stiff. rent it for the first few hours, youll trade it for something better in no time though. i would have to say its not bad, but it is very flat.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Almost quit

posted by the7erm (CHEYENNE, WY) Mar 25, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

There were several times I wanted to quit this game. However the big question of "why" kept creeping up. The good news is the answer to the question never came up until almost until the end, the bad news is the answer was kinda lame. The entire basis of the plot should have been shot down during some committee meeting.

At times the controls are tedious. So tedious that I can only describe them as trying to thread a needle with mittens on while watching "Twilight New Moon."

Battles are relatively easy.

I can't really say playing this game was a complete waste of time, but I can't say in good conscience that you should play this game. I think this would be a great game for a teenage girl.

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