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Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon


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posted by zarbuchan (FORT WORTH, TX) Jun 3, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

I was recommended this game because it had an excellent story. However, after playing it for nearly 8 hours, I was pretty disappointed to see how slowly such story actually picked up.

As other users have said, the combat is very clunky feeling. The game is not terribly hard, and even though combat is not necessarily the central focus of the game, it does negatively impact gameplay experience.

I still kind of wanted to see what the game's story was about, but my patience ran thin before it ever took off. It is fairly immersive. Though post-apocalyptic explorers are not terrible uncommon these days, this game does a commendable job of keeping it fresh. The voice overs added to the deep melancholy oozing off this game, but unfortunately there are obscene amounts of needless pauses in sentences which quickly both lost impact and became annoying.

I imagine this game would probably be a fair buy for casual players who do not play many games or just are not good at games in general, but for a regular gamer, this game is probably a pass.

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Awful- just AWFUL

posted by Fregoe2324 (NORWOOD, NY) May 25, 2010

Member since May 2010

This game was horrible. It wouldn't let me just be- it would take over if I moved into another room or something- then I had to watch my character do all these things, like travel, while I listened to music in another language, I assume Japanese, or it was in English but super cheesy. It was like watching a badly animated movie that let me move the character from time to time. I didn't get past the first few scenes before I said- you know what? I don't care this is too horrible.... and packed it up and put it in my mail box..... I had such high hopes for it, it's description sounded cool. Oh well.

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A Diamond in the Rough

posted by ZeroGamer (ENUMCLAW, WA) May 20, 2010

Member since Sep 2009

Fragile Dreams is a "Like it or Hate it" kind of game. There are a few flaws in the gameplay, but what it lacks in controls, it makes up for with story and graphics.

The graphics of this game are amazing! Along with the sound! I found myself stopping to just look at the surrounding area and listen to the music. I felt that Fragile Dreams really captured that post-apocalyptic feel. The story is very dark as well as the game's environments. So, you might find yourself crying a few times. Although, the type of crying might depend on what kind of gamer you are.

Let me say, right now, that this is NOT a game for people looking for action and lots of hard battles. You won't find that in Fragile Dreams. The battles are very easy. Seriously, I beat this game at level 13-18 no problem. The fights are easy to avoid, just run fight past them, they don't follow far. Even when you DO try to fight its likely the enemy will have only hit you once, it's like they don't even try to hurt you! You'll almost never see a "Game Over", because this game is very generous with the save points. There's at least 2-3 in the same room and they replenish your health.

I recommend Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon as a "rent before you buy" kind of game. Gamers with a lot of patience looking for a beautiful puzzle-RPG with a deep story look no further. Gamers looking for otherwise... might what to try looking somewhere else. Or give it a try; it's worth playing at least once.

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