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Above Average

Great gimmick, bad aim

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Oct 15, 2008

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There is about 30 seconds of story to this game that involves the U.S. splitting into two factions as a result of climate change due to global warming. Yeah, it could have used more than 30sec to flesh that bad boy out, because after finishing the game, I could care less.

The game itself is such a generic shooter that if the gun gimmick of moving earth were removed, it would be indistinguishable from others. The gun does provide some entertainment, however, as your very generic character can lift or lower any dirt in the game (and there is a lot) to change the landscape at will. There are limits to this, some very noticiable when trying to jump up and an invisible ceiling prevents you from going higher, but it works fairly well. The different gun hardware provides the truly great moments in the game, but sadly you only get the really good ones once or twice thru the whole game and never enough ammo for when you do. They really dropped the fun factor when I still have to use the first gun I got in the game because that is the ONLY gun the game offered me in a boss fight in the last act, which I had started the game with. Pathetic.

Multiplayer is "meh" as something not quite right about the camera from single player carries over into multiplayer and becomes much more pronounced and problematic. Another touchy spot is the aim of the main character. There is a crosshairs for each gun and for some reason the game feels that the entire crosshair is where the bullet can go. In otherwords, you don't always shoot at what you're aiming at and this becomes an issue when lowering or raising dirt either five feet in front of you or twenty, or shooting anything from a distance. It was just weird and out of place for a shooter.

Rent it, don't buy it. There were some really cool moments with the weapons totally worth checking out.

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Very Good

Don't listen to the critics!!!

posted by g3strings (CROWN POINT, IN) Dec 14, 2008

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I watch X-Play, Gametrailers TV, and read critic reviews religiously. But, I am becoming disillusioned by the so called professionals. I have played about a half dozen great games this year that they have hated. I wonder sometimes if they really spend much time playing or they just spend the time talking. Fracture was a game that I had a riot playing. The A-I wasn't the most brilliant, but they were diverse and many. The game was very challenging even on normal level. There were tons of great weapons to choose from and the final battle was probably in my top five toughest challenges in video gaming. There was a driving level that got panned pretty badly, but I thought the vehicle handled basically like a Warthog from Halo and the level was fun. Maybe I'm to easily amused but I had a great time playing Fracture. Give it a try!!!

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GF Rating

Very Good

The world is yours to kill people with

posted by Undead (PASADENA, CA) Oct 9, 2008

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Fracture puts you in a strange dystopian future in which the United States has chosen to combat the impending thread of global warming with new terraforming technology, exactly how is never fully explained. Anyway, this turns the midwest into a giant ocean which divides the nation. Each side has a different view on how to evolve the human race, which begins the conflict. The west coast (the pacificans) prefer genetic alteration, which the east(the alliance) prefers cybernetic alteration.

Through the course of the game you are put in charge of Jet Brody, and alliance soldier on the forefront of the war. You find many different futuristic weapons in the campaign that do a variety of different and creative things, from creating large heat-seeking boulders from surrounding rocks to creating a vortex that sucks in surrounding enemies. All of the weapons are fun to use and offer many different ways to kill your Pacifican enemies. The key weapon that you always have though, is your terraformer, which can raise or lower the ground. This is used throughout the game to solve puzzles, create cover, or reach higher places for a combat advantages.

The game itself is fairly linear, go though each level in different places around the U.S. and complete whatever objective you are given(although the primary goal is to hunt down the general) and kill pacificans along the way. The game is still very fun though in that the creative and variety of weapons keeps it fresh for most of the game, although the terraforming can get a little old. The great graphics also help keep it entertaining. The only other real gripe I have with it is that it's pretty short, maybe 8 hours long. Other than that, the MP is very fun(even though there aren't many people), the graphics are great, the weapons are fun, and it's a great rent. The only thing that prevents it from being a buy is it's length and the lack of people online.

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