Rent Fracture for PS3
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Also on:Xbox 360
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Really Bad


posted by Hero_Toxiko (MORENO VALLEY, CA) Jul 5, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

inversion is pretty much this game with a different story.

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A solid attempt at creating a groundbreaking game.

posted by Solrina (CANDLER, NC) Aug 19, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

The year is 2161 and America has become torn apart. The Atlantic side is devoted to developing new technologies, with the Pacific side is experimenting on human evolution. The two sides become so at odds war is declared, and Jet Brody sets out to capture the leader of the Pacific war machine.

I'll give credit for a bit of creativity. The name of the game itself leads both to the terrain manipulation aspect of the game as well as the state of our country itself. Then they had to go and give our hero the lame title of Jet Brody. But the story itself is interesting enough to carry the game, it's just a shame they didn't look deeper in the moral and ethical issues driving our country's divide.

One thing I loved about the game was the variation in the levels. From beautiful rolling hills, to creepy caverns, to crumbled remains of cities, the game always takes you to different ares. The character design and graphics in general were fine as well. The guns were well done, as many of them felt very futuristic, something that it should be given the year the game takes place.

The biggest missed opportunity (and main point of the game) is the terraforming. While the idea of creating a hole under you enemies to get a higher vantage point or crushing your enemies in a cramped area by raising the ground are great, it's never really utilized to any full extent. It's just a neat trick, and only necessary for a few puzzles.

The driving mechanics are weak, making those missions annoying. And those who complain it's repetitive do have a point. It does become an "advance to point A - kill everything in site - advance to point B - repeat" type of game I generally dislike myself. But I never really got bored here.

Fracture fails to do what it set out to do, and that was create a whole new type of gameplay. Instead it dissolves into just another third-person shooter. But I'll be honest I had fun playing it, and sometimes that's all that matters.

7 / 10

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The most average game EVER.

posted by EvanCD (BERTHOUD, CO) Jul 20, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

This is a game in which morphing your terrain is supposed to be awesome. Well, it's not. At times this game throws a situation at you when you have to use your powers, but otherwise, you really don't. I didn't have multiplayer 2 years ago when I played this game so I don't know what it's like. The weapons are O.K., replayability is limited, and the puzzles are average. This game is very adequate, and pretty much that's it. Peace out.

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