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Great game, but gets a bit boring near end

posted by globetro (SUNNYVALE, CA) Dec 11, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

I've always been a Gran Turismo fan, and this is the first game that comes close to toppling that.

The graphics are fantastic, the interior modelling of the car is really impressive (they modelled the dashboard of each car). So impressive that I actually played the entire game with the in-car view.

The driving mechanics feel great... I played the game with all aids off except ABS and kept the braking lines on. I love having the braking lines. One frustration I always had with racing games was learning all the braking spots. I never had the patience to learn the braking spots for each car on each race track.

Also, having the ability to "rewind" whenever you mess-up is great. I'm sure many purists will think this is cheesy or cheating, but it just eliminates a lot of frustration if you've completed 8 of 9 laps in the lead, and then accidentally spin out near the end.

The car selection is quite decent... most of the "famous" cars are there (even Lambos and Ferraris!), as well as many human-attainable cars.

I had a lot of fun with the game until I got to about the last 25%... when I started feeling a bit bored. I felt like earning money became a chore near the end. When the higher end cars cost over $1 million, and you're earning maybe $60K total on a good race series, it was just too much "grinding" to afford the nice cars.

And final tip, when using any of the "racing" cars, turn traction control on, unless you enjoy constantly feathering the accelerator and spinning out.

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forza motor sport 3

posted by roadogg187 (MANOR, PA) Dec 6, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

i found that the game is fun but lack of new tracks or new music makes it boring afer a a little a time not inof change from the second game in the sereis just didnt do it for me.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Want to get so bored you'll want to go watch Bruno

posted by Xtron88 (BRANCHVILLE, NJ) Nov 20, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

This game is extremely boring I didn't even beat it. I was once playing it and I got so bored I started ramming cars then all of a sudden I'm flying threw the air upside down. Most people thinks this game is the most realistic driver out there. Well it's not. So I was playing it and I was like " I am so bored hey I could buy Brno off Zune marketplace on xbox. " So I did and I am not gonna lie I almost hated that movie. But then I realized atleast I didn't waste all that time in Forza Motorsport 3.

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