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This is a better car game...but not yet the best.

posted by RussellBuz (MANSFIELD, TX) Jan 16, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

There are so many new improvements...but i do believe there could be so many more...there needs to be newer car THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY...we already spent tons of money buying the stupid plastic disk then find out we have to buy the coolest cars that we actually payed for in the first place...

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Greatest Racing Simulator. Period.

posted by bds0688 (ALLIANCE, OH) Jan 15, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

Forza Motorsport 3 is easily the best racing simulator made to date.

The level of depth and customization is unparalleled in any racing game. If you have a use for a car, you can more than likely make it that way.

The real gem of this game is the physics engine. No game comes close to it. Every mod has the potential to hamper or boost your performance. Yes, even mods that add power can make a car worse. Power adding mods will add power, but where in the power-band? Racing clutch and flywheel are great for track racing, but they make that drag car unruly to launch no matter the technique. Tire size and width can be adjusted by either front/rear. Sidewall flex is evident if you pause the game and look at the sidewall.

Practically every adjustment can make the car behave differently, no matter how minute. It all really depends on what difficulty you play on if you notice it.

The graphics are gorgeous. Other games may look prettier, but they are rendering far less cars, with far less layers on the paint.

Sound wise no game comes close. Fearraris have their distinctive purr, going to a roar when you get to WOT. Porsche and Subaru have their iconic warbles, recognizable even after exhaust upgrades.

Bottom line is, if you love cars, you will love this game. The story mode does get a little dry, but the amount of money the game throws at you will give you more than enough to play with your desired cars. I've managed to build 3 drag cars, one of whch is also a dependable track car, and am working on a drift car. All cars have well over 100K in parts at some points. I'm still under level 30 in the progression.


"Story" mode gets a little tedious
Slim wheel selection, store wheels are poorly rendered, making it hard to really tell

Needing in game credits for DLC cars. I just like collecting and racing corvettes, not even competitively. Why charge people twice?

Despite minor complaints, still best racing sim out there.

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GF Rating


If you like car racing, you'll love this game!

posted by XrayRepair (AMERY, WI) Jan 14, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

This car race game is so realistic that I actually got motion sickness after racing my car around the course for a few minutes! It's almost as real as being in the driver's seat of a real race car.

The only negative comment that I have about the game is really not a fault of the game itself, but of the Xbox 360 controller. There is just no way to effectively control a speeding car around a race track using a joystick! It took me quite a while just to learn how to do that without crashing every 3 seconds! Of course the ideal controller would be a life-size steering wheel with accellerator and brake pedals, but most people can't afford to purchase that kind of simulator hardware. So, the Xbox 360 controller is all you get, so you must make the most of it!

Other than the difficulty of getting used to the awkwardness of the controller, I can't say enough about the game itself. It is truely a work of art! If you like car race games, then Forza Motorsport 3 is well worth the money to buy or rent it!

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